This series is a must for nature lovers The African Grasslands Stretch Across The Continent Below The Sahara In A Swuare Of Land About The Size Of A Living Room, Children Will See Animals They Might Have Encountered Only At The Zoodiscover The Rewards And Dangers Of Their Natural Homed Observe How These Creatures Live With Each Other In A Changing, Endangered Environment It S An Exciting Journey Of Discovery, Coming To You From The One Small Square Series Of Interactive Science And Nature Bookswhere The Next Stop Could Be As Near As Your Backyard Or As Far As Half A World Away Beautiful illustrations and excellent information resource. This book combines a comprehensive look at savanna ecosystems with projects and explorations for kids to do At the back is an excellent look at the animal life of the savanna, grouped by classifications of animals mammals, birds, reptiles, invertebrates Very well done TONS of information for your young to middle grades learner. I ordered this book when I found out my kindergartener would be making a diorama about the African Savanna He and his friends really enjoyed this book and it had all the information he needed andPrime shipping and it was delivered in no time.