Theyre Slithery And Scaly, And They Have Icky, Flicking Tongues And Creepy, Unblinking Eyes Whats To Like About A Snake Youd Be Surprised This Little Girl Has A Problem Her Family Doesnt Have Dogs, Or Cats, Or Birdsthey Have Snakes And She Really, Really, Really Really Doesnt Like Snakes Her Family Cant Understand Her Dislike, But They Canhelp Her Understand Why Snakes Do The Things They Do And Look The Way They Look And Maybe Once She Knows , She Will Start To Like Snakes A Littleor Even A Lot Packed With Snake Trivia, This Clever Story Includes Realistic Illustrations And Simple Explanations Of Snake Behavior Sure To Make Even Slither Phobic Readers Shed Their Misconceptions About These Fascinating Reptiles Back Matter Includes A Note About Snakes, A Bibliography, And An Index