Marked The Th Anniversary Of Pokmon It Was Also Time For New Pokmon Characters To Be Unveiled This Great Poster Book Introduces Kids To The Key New Pokmon In TheVideogame And TV Series, Sun Moon With OverSpectacular And Colourful Pull Out Posters

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    The posters that are in this book are pretty good although most of the Pokemon images have been used before on Pokemon s website Nevertheless there are still quite a few new images of certain Pokemon in this book that i haven t seen before.For those who want to know what Pokemon can be found in this book here you go The Starter Pokemon of Alola get 2 pages each One of them has them all on it and the other ones show them individualy.Solgaleo and Lunala also fill up 2 pages of this book.The rest of the Pokemon that are in this book are BewearBounsweetCharjabugCutieflyKomalaMimikyuMudbrayOricorio Baile StylePikipekPyukumukuRockruffTapu KokoTogedemaruTurtonatorVikavoltAnd YungoosOverall i like this book for what its worth and might use some of the posters in it in the future.

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    The posters are great Paper quality is excellent and pokemon pictures are bright and colorful My only problem is that ALL the posters are drawn on front and back So there is a different pokemon on either side of a page, which makes it really hard to choose when hanging on the walls My kids had their favorite pokemons back to front on the same page and quarreled over which one gets to be displayed.

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    Nice book full of posters for your Pokemon loving kid Clear good size photos, easy tear out sheets The only down side is that the posters are back to back but my kid didn t mind.

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    Beautiful posters

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    My child liked it.