The animal on the cover isn t even a Gila monster It s a completely unrelated rock iguana It would be hilarious if it weren t such a shame that unscrupulous people like this author attempt to pass themselves off as being knowledgeable on a subject they clearly know absolutely nothing about. This may be an okay book, but you have to wonder about the integrity and accuracy of a book titled Gila Monsters that has a picture of some other large lizard on the cover Gila Monsters are not blue, rather they are yellow orange and black banded or reticulated stud like or beaded scales. Not a gila monster on the cover Stop misinforming the public Amazing Animals Of The Desert Fill The Pages Of This Exciting Bilingual Series Redesigned With New Features, Each Book Invites Readers To Discover The World Of Creatures That Live In The Desert Young Learners Will Read About Each Animal S Unique Physical Characteristics, Behavior, And Adaptations To Their Environment Through Fascinating Facts And Brilliant Photographs, These Books Paint A Vibrant Picture Of The Incredible Array Of Animal Life In The Desert Habitat