Our Backyard Neighbors, Squirrels Can Be Found In Myriad Environments On Nearly Every Continent This Title Introduces Readers To Different Species Of Squirrels And Discusses Their Behavior, Diet, And Relationship With People Discover How Squirrels Have Survived For Millions Of Years And How They Continue To Adapt To Urban Development And Expansion

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    A truly beautifully documented book on squirrels This is one to grow with for the squirrel lover from 5 to 95 Its a children s book, and at nearly 65, I am really enjoying it.The pictures are large and enjoyable.I ordered a full size print used copy and received mine in near mint quality It is filled with pictures and very readable information and accurate information about a variety of squirrels, their habits, and their habitats Also included are many squirrel cousins, that are truly squirrels but without the long bushy tail, such as prairie dogs.I highly recommend this book.Yours trulyTom, The Squirrel Whisperer