Freaky Shark Facts Know How To Avoid The Dangers Lerking In The Water Find Out What Makes The Shark Such A Dangerous PreditorOverPages Of Interesting Information With ThanPictures And ChartsWhat Makes Sharks So Dangerous The Shark Has Many Abilities That Help Give It The Reputation Of Being A Cunning Hunter And A Very Dangerous Killer One Reason May Be That Some Species Of Shark Can Swim At Speed Up ToMph It Could Have Something To Do With The Fact That They Have Up To Five Rows Of Teeth Which Is The First Thing You See As They Are Swimming Toward You And They Are Just Waiting To Bite Down On Their Prey They Also Have Very Keen Senses That Help Them Track Down Their Prey Maybe Its Because They Have Been Around Since Before The Dinosaurs Im Sure All Of These Reasons And Play A Part In Their Reputation The Fact Of The Matter Is, The Shark Is And Always Has Been At The Top Of The Food Chain In Each And Every Ocean Around The World The Only Predator That The Shark Has Is The Orca Whale They Are Fast, They Can Turn Quickly, They Have Special Organs To Help Them Find Their Prey Sharks Are Fascinating Creatures This EBook Offers A Window Into The Sharks World You Will Learn How The Shark Stalks And Hunts Its Prey, The Sharks Habits And Lifestyle, Their Natural Habitat, What They Eat, The Sharks Anatomy, And So Much In Fact, Did You Know That A Shark Can Grow And Lose Than ,Yes, That Is Ten Thousandteeth Within Their Lifetime And That Is Just One Of Many Fascinating Facts You Will Discover Within The Pages Of The Shark Report This Book Discusses Everything From The Most Deadly Sharks To The Most Docile Sharks, From The Smallest To The Largest Sharks Alive Today Did You Know That There Is A Shark That Will Only Grow To AboutInches Long, But Really Has A Bite To Them You Will Also Find Out Why Sharks Are So Important To The Balance Of Life In The Oceans There Is Even Information About Prehistoric Sharks That Were So Big They Could Just About Swallow A Semi Truck All This And Written In A Way That Is Easy For The Young Reader To Read And Understand While At The Same Time It Is Done So That The Adult Reader Will Enjoy This Ebook As Well There Are OverPhotos And Charts To Help Illustrate The Information Presented So Join Us As We Open AnotherWindow Into Our Weird And Wacky Wonderful World And Take An In Depth Look At The Shark And The Ocean World In Which They Live This Is Another Release From One Of The Kindles Most Enlightening And Entertaining Childrens Books From TheA Window Into The Weird, Wacky And Wonderful World Series Of Childrens Non Fiction Information Books By Jessie Thomas These Books Are Designed To Make Learning Fun And Enjoyable For The Young Reader While Appealing To Readers Of All Ages