I m a very picky reader when it comes to manga, and evenso when it comes to buying physical manga That being said, Tomo chan is one of the most infectious, charming, and I ll stop reading after onechapter series I ve read in modern memory I can t really comment on the story other than to say it s slice of life high school romance done in a way that feels fresh and consistently delivers on the comedy Seven Seas has a good track record when it comes to localizing manga Their individual volumes are slightly smaller than traditional manga books from Shonen, but this makes themcomfortable to hold and easier to read in my opinion They are literally the same size as the Dragon Maid books that Seven Seas has released if you need a reference point. The Hilarious Story Of A Girl Who Will Do Anything To Win Her Best Bud S Heart Boyish High School Girl Aizawa Tomo Finally Manages To Tell Her Childhood Friend Jun That She S Got A Crush On Him Unfortunately, Her Confession Goes Right Over His Head He Didn T Even Realize She Was A Girl Until Middle School, And Even Now, Jun Still Thinks Of Her As A Bro How Can Tomo Chan Possibly Convince Him Otherwise And Win Jun S Heart When this series started popping up on , I became interested It suggested something that would be on the lines of Hana Kimi, Mayo Chiki and Ouran High School Host Club, all favorite series and all involving cross dressing girls This one gives us Tomo, a tomboy quick to use her fists and karate her family s business is a dojo and Jun, her longtime childhood buddy The problem is that Tomo is now developing romantic feelings for Jun, but he has trouble seeing her as a woman Her very feminine friend Misuzu tries to act as advisor Another past favorite series of mine is My Girlfriend Is a T Rex and Tomo called to mind its female lead, Churio They are both well meaning but impulsive and not too swift upstairs Besides the previously mentioned three, the cast includes Jun s friend Tanabe, Misaki, the president of the school s boy s karate club, Mifune and Ogawa, two girls who find themselves caught in Tomo s orbit, and Carol, a beautiful but spoiled British exchange student Tomo chan is a Girl gets off to a strong start, proved very funny and I think there is a lot of potential for this series. It s a pretty good manga, although as someone else noted in another review there are some translation changes to fit the US market, which I don t think is a good thing Initially I thought the manga was great, but theI ve read other manga over time I ve bumped it down a bit to the good category 3.5 out of 5 Another thing to note is that while the book is listed it at 180 pages, it s actually around 140 pages, and physically smaller than other English manga I ve seen. I used to read this series from fan scanlations sites back in my college years Back then, it was released daily, a single page at a time, until the overall chapter was completed I was afraid it wouldn t get picked up due to the lack of updates and moved on I was so excited to see this series get licensed officially and pre order it immediately.TOMO CHAN s comedy is delivered at a fast pace with witty punchlines and over the top reactions from our quirky characters Tomo Aizawa has a childhood friend, Junichiro Kubota They both grew up together in the same neighborhood, and in time she developes a crush on him Unfortunately, Tomo is quite the tomboy, and Jun always tends to confuse her as one of the guys And so begin the hilarious hijinks of Tomo s desire for Jun to see her as a woman.I really love this series It has great comedic moments, and a loveable cast of quirky characters I highly recommend you to check it out