This Book Grew Out Of A Series Of Letters To My Daughter Concerning Various Things Mostly About Money And Investing She Was Not Yet Quite Ready To Hear Since Money Is The Single Most Powerful Tool We Have For Navigating This Complex World We Ve Created, Understanding It Is Critical But Dad, She Once Said, I Know Money Is Important I Just Don T Want To Spend My Life Thinking About It This Was Eye Opening I Love This Stuff But Most People Have Better Things To Do With Their Precious Time Bridges To Build, Diseases To Cure, Treaties To Negotiate, Mountains To Climb, Technologies To Create, Children To Teach, Businesses To Run Unfortunately, Benign Neglect Of Things Financial Leaves You Open To The Charlatans Of The Financial World The People Who Make Investing Endlessly Complex, Because If It Can Be Made Complex It Becomes Profitable For Them, Expensive For Us, And We Are Forced Into Their Waiting Arms Here S An Important Truth Complex Investments Exist Only To Profit Those Who Create And Sell Them Not Only Are They Costly To The Investor, They Are Less Effective The Simple Approach I Created For Her And Present Now To You Is Not Only Easy To Understand And Implement, It Is Powerful Than Any Other Together We Ll Explore Debt Why You Must Avoid It And What To Do If You Have It The Importance Of Having F You Money How To Think About Money, And The Unique Way Understanding This Is Key To Building Your Wealth Where Traditional Investing Advice Goes Wrong And What Actually Works What The Stock Market Really Is And How It Really Works Why The Stock Market Always Goes Up And Why Most People Still Lose Money Investing In It How To Invest In A Raging Bull Or Bear Market Specific Investments To Implement These Strategies The Wealth Building And Wealth Preservation Phases Of Your Investing Life And Why They Are Not Always Tied To Your Age How Your Asset Allocation Is Tied To Those Phases And How To Choose It How To Simplify The Sometimes Confusing World Of K , B , TSP, IRA, And Roth Accounts TRFs Target Retirement Funds , HSAs Health Savings Accounts , And RMDs Required Minimum Distributions What Investment Firm To Use And Why The One I Recommend Is So Far Superior To The Competition Why You Should Be Very Cautious When Engaging An Investment Advisor And Whether You Need To At All Why And How You Can Be Conned, And How To Avoid Becoming Prey Why I Don T Recommend Dollar Cost Averaging What Financial Independence Looks Like And How To Have Your Money Support You What The Four Percent Rule Is And How To Use It To Safely Spend Your Wealth The Truth Behind Social Security A Case Study On How This All Can Be Implemented In Real Life Cannot recommend this book enough I m ordering copies for everyone I care about Not only is the path simple, but the writing is fun and easy to read I never dreamed a personal finance book could fit either of those descriptions Collins argues, with lots of backup, that the simple way to invest Vanguard index funds is also the most effective and profitable way to invest This book makes the path to financial independence clear and easy to follow You just need to find the fiscal discipline and psychological fortitude to stay the course This book is changing my life and giving me a true sense of optimism and security. Hands down one of the best financial books I ve ever read or heard about If I could gift a copy of it to every single graduate, I would This book is like listening to a sage friend who has endured decades of playing timing the market and concluded there is an easier way Not only is this friend willing to share the way, it s is not even a scam or get rich quick scheme It is a straightforward, achievable process avoid eliminate debt, spend less than you earn, invest in low cost index funds, and then do NOTHING Simply sit back and wait for the magic of time and compound interest to do the rest This means you no longer have to worry about the next stock market crash or try to find the next Apple or bitcoin JL Collins introduced me to the concept of F You money which I now call F Yeah money thanks to About two years ago, when I realized I had F Yeah money, it transformed the way I approached work Meetings were no longer stressful, crises of the day seemed ridiculous A year ago, I moved to part time This year, I m thrilled to report that both my husband and I have just early retired at 45 and 47 respectively I attribute a lot of this to reading this book I gave me the facts I needed to believe we had hit our number and would be just fine Albert Einstein called compound interest is the most powerful force in the universe and the greatest mathematical discovery of all time I say the knowledge of FIRE financial independence retire early gives compound interest a run for its money Read this book then give it to someone struggling or boasting about this stock or that one It truly can change your life. JL Collins is essentially a Boglehead, and he admits that Jack Bogle is his personal hero For those of you who dont know, Bogleheads are people who subscribe to Jack Bogle s founder of Vanguard philosophy on investing, which in simplest terms is investing and holding in minimally managed index funds.There is some redundancy in his chapters, which are really just breaks in conversation, but his overarching message is easy to grasp and accessible for anyone who desires to either retire early or become financially independent This isnt an early retirement book per se, but one could apply these principles and indeed many do to generate enough passive wealth to drop out of the rat race Of course, the other big pieces to the early retirement puzzle are frugal living and debt elimination, which arent the main themes he explores.For me this book was very helpful since I was a relative neophyte to all things investing Collins has an easygoing, conversational style that is both engaging and instructional and he de mystifies or rather translates investment lingo to present the fundamental concepts you need to understand.In short, his message is Eliminate debtUnderstand how the stock market works, and why it is the most powerful wealth building tool there isInvest in the total stock market index through Vanguard no he isnt paid by Vanguard HOLD through the highs and lowsReap the rewards after years of diligenceI recommend it to anyone interested in early retirement or financial independence, especially investing novices Worth the money spent.