Because this book is so huge, I wanted to give an in depth review so anyone looking at this would be able to make an informed decision about buying it.First off, this book is the missing manual you ve been looking for in a software career That probably sounds a little bold, but it really does walk you through from beginning to end, soup to nuts, how to start and advance your career.Second, If you follow John on Youtube, he does cover a lot of the same topics, BUT not in the same way or in the same fashion Now, you re probably asking yourself what I mean by that Well, while John s videos are great, they tend to be one offs, while the book really is a guide where everything is connected and you can use it to create a really solid career plan.Okay, so you re probably wondering what s in the book and what specifically it covers and how can it possibly live up to what I ve just said.There are five main sections of the book 1 Getting Started As A Software Developer This section covers how to choose you first language deciding what s best for you college vs a bootcamp vs teaching yourself, and how best to go about all three.2 Getting a Job This section covers the many varied ways to find a job in the industry, how to actually get a developer job even if you don t have any experience, and how to switch from another career technical or otherwise to become a software developer.3 What You Need to Know About Software Development here John walks you through all of the different career options for developers, including the pros and cons of each Spoiler Alert Even though it sounds like working in video games would amazing, there definitely are some cons Big ones Definitely check that section out , and how to deal with recruiters Yes, I know some of you just shuttered It s okay John walks you through the process of working with a recruiter and helps you to avoid getting taken advantage of or get misled.4 Working as a Developer In this Section John goes over some of the career guide standards like work life and getting a raise or promotion, BUT he also covers some really important things like how to work with QA so that you re not fighting with all the time You ll probably still fight with them some of the time, but nobody s a miracle worker.5 Advancing Your Career Here John covers one of the areas most overlooked by developers Self promotion Most developers aren t too keen on this area and feel like their skills should speak for themselves John shows how this isn t usually the case and shows you how to promote yourself without feeling fake or scammy You might actually like doing it Yes, shocking, I know.All in all, this is probably the best career guide I ve ever seen for developers It s in depth, entertaining, and actually useful Personally, I tend to feel like a lot, if not most, career books tend to be ra ra nonsense filled with stuff that most people already know That wasn t the case with this book and I feel like I got my money s worth. Technical Knowledge Alone Isn T Enough Increase Your Software Development Income By Leveling Up Your Soft Skills Early In His Software Developer Career, John Sonmez Discovered That Technical Knowledge Alone Isn T Enough To Break Through To The Next Income Level Developers Need Soft Skills Like The Ability To Learn New Technologies Just In Time, Communicate Clearly With Management And Consulting Clients, Negotiate A Fair Hourly Rate, And Unite Teammates And Coworkers In Working Toward A Common Goal What You Will Learn In This Book How To Systematically Find And Fill The Gaps In Your Technical Knowledge So You Can Face Any New Challenge With Confidence Should You Take Contract Work Or Hold Out For A Salaried Position Which Will Earn You , What The Tradeoffs Are, And How Your Personality Should Sway Your Choice Should You Learn JavaScript, C , Python, C How To Decide Which Programming Language You Should Master First Ever Notice How Every Job Ever Posted Requires Years Of Experience, Which You Don T Have Simple Solution For This Frustrating Chicken And Egg Problem That Allows You To Build Legitimate Job Experience While You Learn To Code Is Earning A Computer Science Degree A Necessity Or A Total Waste Of Time How To Get A College Degree With Maximum Credibility And Minimum Debt Coding Boot Camps Some Are Great, Some Are Complete Scams How To Tell The Difference So You Don T Find Yourself Cheated Out Of , Interviewer Tells You, Dress Code Is Casual Around Here The Development Team Wears Flipflops What Should You Wear How Do You Deal With A Boss Who S A Micromanager Plus How Helping Your Manager With His Goals Can Make You The MVP Of Your Team The Technical Skills That Every Professional Developer Must Have But No One Teaches You Most Developers Are Missing Some Critical Pieces, They Don T Teach This Stuff In College, You Re Expected To Just Know This