Revealing Interviews With The Author Of The Alchemist And Veronika Decides To DieThis Fascinating Book Is Full Of Paulo S Unique Insights And Life Story And Will Have Huge Appeal For His Fans It Is The Closest Thing There Is To An Autobiography By PauloThe Conversational Style Interviews, Conducted By Eminent Journalist Juan Arias, Are Entertaining And Inspiring, And Cover A Wide Range Of Topics Paulo S Being Institutionalised As A Young Man For His Artistic Leanings His Kidnapping And Torture By Paramilitaries His Experiences With Black Magic And Drugs His Epiphany At Dauchau, And Vision Of His Own Death His Views On The Nature Of Writing And The Spiritual Quest

8 thoughts on “Paulo Coelho: Confessions of a Pilgrim

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    Fantastic book, reading Paulo s always a pleasure, but in this book you get to see beyond his wringing you meet of his human soul and life experiences that build his journey which in many occasions meets our personal experiences.just that he know so well to write about the beauty of life in all aspects.Highly recommend it.

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    As ever, Paulo Coelho is amazing he answers the questions in a lovely way and makes the whole book wonderful

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    As a keen Paulo Coelho reader, this book is an interesting insight into his personality, what influences him, his life and his spirituality It is written as an interview, with questions and answers I would recommend it to any who enjoy his books.

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this insight into the author, Paulo Coelho It was truthful and at times quite emotional Would recommend reading this if you like this author s works.

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    this was a great read from beginning to end i couldn t put it down it was absolutely facinating paulo at his best

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    This book is amazing,I have several books by this author and everytime I start one i never want to put it down,very good reads and I would recommend any of his books

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    If you want to find out about the man behind The Alchemist, possibly the best selling living author and modern sage, this is the book for you Juan Arias gently draws out what shaped Paulo Coelho Like many of his books, his life story is like a journey, through many experiences including a Jesuit education, dalliances with atheism, black magic, kidnappings, to his life transforming pilgrimage to Santiago del Compostella Paulo Coelho is very honest in his replies exposing his weaknesses as well as his strengths.

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    This is an absolute must for anyone who loves the works of Paulo Coelho A wonderful insight to the man behind the novels I have read all the books in English I can get my hands on by Paulo and wait with anticipation for the next I have given his works to all my friends and it is interesting how each of them has fallen in love with one particular book.I am also interested in learning about Juan Arias and what books he has available in English I feel that when one, as Paulo Coelho has done,opens himself up to a personal conversation, he must have trust in the author.Forever a fan, Monique McKenna