If you have seen anything he appeared in, you know this will be no ordinary book and it is bonkers, tangents not for Rik, he just leaves and eventually returns a few chapters of toot later an insight into the mind,madness and wit of a man taken far too soon. Just avoid I ve followed Rik s career from A Kick up the Eighties to Man Down I loved his work and take on comedy and regard some of his comedy creations as perfection This book however what a let down Rik adopts a sort of smarmy, dumb, protean joke character throughout And in doing so, offers no insight into his life, his comedy or anything else Gags are repeated with diminishings returns his manager was apparently an avaricious Jewish man, Ade Edmondson wore the trousers in their relationship, he got lots of female attention, he succeeded in everything he tried Yes yes, but any chance you could get past this stuff and either entertain or inform Sadly not Sometimes it pays not to read your heroes. I enjoyed reading the book, of course it is not a autobiography if that is what you want, he just tells you in the Rik Mayall manner just how good and admired he is, all tongue in cheek of course but it did get a little repetitive after a while, but on the whole I found it quite funny. I hate giving anything to do with Rik a bad review but sorry Rik this is a terrible book I expected it would be an autobiography but was sadly mistaken Not good at all I had to give up reading it. followed rik all my life from teens to now and this book is like spending time in the pub with him drinking and not doing drugs..evermanic mental meanderings of the peoples poet great stuff if your a fan but it read it enjoy it after all we re the young ones we are wild eyed loners at the gates of oblivion so hitch a ride with rick on the last freedom moped out of nowhere city R.I.P the Rik Mayall So good, I can t actually bring myself to finish it Still extremely saddened by the death of this comic genius, this book gives readers a crazy and sporadic insight into the rapidly frantic mind of THE Rik Mayall Full of twists and turns, you will be surprised to stumble across the honest and serious Mayall hidden among a cornucopia of fictitious and slightly exaggerated experiences it s brrrilliant Do buy it, go on you don t need me to convince you really You know you want it WOOF I was and am a big fan of the comic genius that was Rick Mayall I grew up with The Young Ones and was fortunate to see one of the final productions of the New Statesman play where he was hugely entertaining.Sadly this book is nigh on unreadable There are some comedy gems in there and it is worth browsing to find them I tried really hard to a like it and b read it in a traditional way Unfortunately neither were possible.The book will stay in my collection as another reminder of the great man. In This Electrifying Autobiography, Rik Stands Naked In Front Of His Vast Legions Of Fans And Disciples And Invites Them To Take Communion With The Blood He Has Spilled For Them During His Thirty Year War On Show BusinessHe Invented Alternative Comedy With The Young Ones, He Brought Down The Thatcher Administration With The New Statesman And He Changed The Face Of Global Culture With His Masterpiece Bottom Not Only Was His Number One Single Living Doll The Saviour Of Rock N Roll But He Also Rescued The British Film Industry With The Vast Revenues Created By His Legendary Movie Drop Dead Fred In , He Survived An Assassination Attempt And Spent Five Days In A Coma Before He Literally Came Back From The Dead Having Completed Countless Phenomenal Feature Films, TV Series, Live Extravaganzas And Radio Voice Overs Since Then, Rik Mayall Is Now Poised On The Brink Of A Whole New Epoch Shattering RevolutionFor The First Time Ever, Rik Reveals In Print The Deep Inner Truth Behind His Gargantuan Ascent To The Pinnacle Of International Light Entertainment The Mental Hospitals He Has Broken Out Of, The Television Executives He Has Assaulted, The Drugs He Has Definitely Not Taken, The Charities He Has Bankrupted, The Countless Pregnancies He Has Engendered, And So Much