It Seems Excessive But That Doesn T Mean It Didn T HappenThe Mass Of Black Curls The Top Hat The Cigarette Dangling From Pouty Lips These Are The Trademarks Of One Of The World S Greatest And Most Revered Guitarists, A Celebrity Musician Known By One Name SlashSaul Slash Hudson Was Born In Hampstead To A Jewish Father And A Black American Mother Who Created David Bowie S Look In The Man Who Fell To Earth He Was Raised In Stoke Until He Was , When He And His Mother Moved To LA Frequent Visitors To The House Were David Bowie, Joni Mitchell, Ronnie Wood And Iggy PopAt This Time Slash Got Into BMX Bikes And Would Eventually Turn Professional, Winning Major Awards And Money, But AtHis Grandmother Gave Him His First Guitar Sessions With Numerous Local LA Rock Bands Followed Until A Fateful Meeting With Singer W Axl Rose And The Rest Was Rock History Guns N Roses Spent Two Years Builiding Their Reputation Before Appetite For Destruction Was Unleashed On An Unsuspecting WorldChart Success And Global Domination Followed But With It Came The Inevitable Fall Addicted To Heroin, Booze And Cigarettes The Band Imploded In A Rift Between Axl And Slash That Is As Deep Today As Ever But With A New Wife, Kids And New Band Velvet Revolver, Slash Is Back On Track As Raucous And Edgy As His Music, Slash Sets The Record Straight And Tells The Real Story As Only Slash Can

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    Not quite what I was expecting. This is a brutally honest too honest autobiography with non stop tales of drink, drugs, sex, band break ups, etc on almost every page The stories of addiction are hopefully enough to put anyone off hard drugs and I was surprised to find out that he was quite as bad an addict as he now depicts himself.I think Slash tries too hard here to excuse some all of his past behaviour and failings and is to singular in his focus on his career Having said that this is often a characteristic of some of the great entertainers who can only succeed because of these character flaws.Approach this book with caution as it was not exactly entertaining More shocking at times Useful insights into his background, history, GNR and VR.

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    Slash tells you plenty about his upbringing , his involvement with drugs , he seems to skirt around Axle rose , expresses his irritation, but isn t massively detrimental considering their alleged fall out , it seems like he is hedging his bets in case there is ever a re union there is a lot of hell raising stories , but it still makes for an interesting read

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    I loved this book and really want a follow up to it You get to flowing Slash through the highs and lows without it being a bragging look at me kind of book.He is brutally honest about his drug use and drinking that helps you see that he is still on the level.Very hard working and extremely talented guitar player.

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    A remarkable account of the life of a man who is arguably one of the biggest rock gods of his generation This book had me hooked from the start, I ve been a lifelong fan of slash since his GnR days and this book is a truly remarkable insight into the life of the man himself.Slash tells his story with honesty and a humbleness I never expected to find, it s a real warts and all read which has left me with a new found respect for a talented man who I d admired since highschool I d recomend this book to anybody Slash has so far led a life so far away from what the majority consider the norm it can t fail to interest in my opinion I find it definitely worth commenting on how contrary to what I expected He refrained from pointing the finger of blame at all regarding the demise of GnR and has a perspective on that subject, and life in general to be honest, that many people could benefit from adopting without the alcohol drug excess of course.

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    I think honest is the best word to describe this book Slash really bares all in this autobiography, taking you right through his upbringing in England to his days in Velvet Revolver and of course offering an unprecedented insight into life as Guns n Roses lead guitarist While one must remember this is only one view of what is a many sided epic story, Slash s view is nevertheless intriguing Written in its conversational tone, come away from this book feeling you ve just sat and had a coffee with one of the globe s most famous guitarists Promise to enter this book with an open mind and you ll close it with firmly sealed views on this talented and funny and whatever else you make him out to be bloke Definitely worth a read Drugs, sex, snakes and crabs , this book certainly has it all.

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    An excellent read An in depth look at one of music s most notorious rock guitarists life as he battled fame and drug and alcohol abuse Read about the groupie antics, run in s with other bands and In fighting in guns and roses This book will keep you reading for ages Page after page of highs and lows and everything in between.I highly recommend this book to all rock fans out there This book really is a must read

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    GNR were are my favourite band so this was a great book to read I am a big GNR fan Appetite and Illusion era so I am aware of the post Slash stuff but wasn t aware of the stuff during this time Obviously this is Slash s version so there are a few none of it was my fault type quotes.A great insight into the early days and his childhood up till Velvet revolver and everything in between.God knows how he s still alive but fair play to the guy Definitely worth reading if you are any kind of rock fan

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    This is a great book that shows the phrase sex, drugs and rock n roll to perfect effect This book is littered with stories of drug taking excess, exploits from on tour and some degree of insight into the workings of Guns n Roses Slash writes very candidly about a variety of events in his life and I felt you really got a feeling for who he is and what motivates him The book has excellent photography throughout, as well as a middle colour section The book finishes right up to date with Velvet Revolver and how they formed and write together Overall a good rock autobiography and well worth a read if you re a fan of Slash or any of his various bands.Feel free to check out my blog which can be found on my profile page.