Started off finding this book amusing and interesting but rapidly got very bored of tales of Mitchell s detailed descriptions of his journey to fame and fortune He s less and less engaging theprosperous he becomes and the conceit of making this a walk through London and his memories of various parts of his rise to fame is not interesting He s complacent but worse, he s boring Much preferred his comedy partner Robert Webb s autobiography. David Mitchell, Who You May Know For His Inappropriate Anger On Every TV Panel Show Except Never Mind The Buzzcocks, His Look Of Permanent Discomfort On C Sex Comedy Peep Show, His Online Commenter Baiting In The Observer Or Just For Wearing A Stick On Moustache In That Mitchell And Webb Look, Has Written A Book About His LifeAs Well As Giving A Specific Account Of Every Single Time He S Scored Some Smack, This Disgusting Memoir Also Details The Singular, Pitbull Infested Charm Of The FRP Flat Roofed Pub The Curious French Habit Of Injecting Everyone In The Arse Rather Than The Arm Why, By The Time He Got To Cambridge, He Really, Really Needed A Drink The Pain Of Being Denied A Childhood Birthday Party At McDonalds The Satisfaction Of Writing Jokes About Suicide How Doing Quite A Lot Of Walking Around London Helps With His Sciatica Trying To Pretend He Isn T A Total At Robert Webb S Wedding That He Has Fallen In Love At LOT, But Rarely Done Anything About It Why It Would Be Worse To Bump Into Michael Palin Than Hitler On Holiday That He S Not David Mitchell The Novelist Despite What David Miliband Might Think Fortunately David Mitchell has had a life without major trauma so you won t be drawn in by tales of alcoholism and despair, which is fine and as expected as you d have heard if that was the case but to compensate for that it does need to be very funny It tends to be amusing now and again however rather hilarious like for example Frank Skinners biography It s interesting hearing about how Footlights runs and the process of getting into comedy but I did find myself starting to skim through some of the story of his walk through London So overall amusing and intesting in places but didn t stand out. The autobiography of popular sit com and panel show comedian not the novelist David Mitchell is suffused with his trademark lowbrow verbosity.Structured around an imaginary walk around London, designed to help ease his back pain, the narrative sees Mitchell link various landmarks to key moments in a life whose principal focus has been to develop a career in comedy Those who are familiar with his TV persona will recognise the combination of nerdy erudition and ranting exhibitionism.Starting with tales of middle class life in middle England, he takes us via Cambridge University and Footlights, to his celebrated partnership with Robert Webb, and their rise to fame which might have seemed rapid to the outside observer they became TV regulars while still in their twenties , but was, from their perspective, painfully slow.With moments ranging from the hilarious e.g young David reluctant to answer his parents doorbell because he was embarrassed about the home made kingly regalia he was wearing at the time to the moving the long yearning for his eventual wife, Victoria Coren , this is a consistently entertaining read, proudly fixated on the trivial his thoughts on weightier matters can be found elsewhere.Anyone wishing to gain an insight into the peculiarly English combination of self deprecation and egotism, awkwardness and loudness, emotional constipation and profound insight, could do much worse than start here. I loved every second of this book Have always found Mitchell hysterically funny and reading this book was no different While it s obviously an autobiography, which by nature, is not necessarily funny, David Mitchell managed to make it so in his typically David Mitchell way If you ve any interest in the man, BUY THIS BOOK You will not regret it.