If You Re A Man Of A Certain Age You Ll Know There Comes A Point In Life When Getting A Sports Car And Over Analysing Your Contribution To Society Sounds Like A Really Good IdeaWith A Good Job In Sales And Marketing And A Nice House In Manchester That He Shared With His Wife And Kids, John Bishop Was No Different When He Turned The Dreaded But Instead Of Spanking A Load Of Cash On A Car That Would Have Made Him Look Like A Senior Stylist At Vidal Sassoon, He Stumbled Onto A Pathway That Ultimately Lead Him To Become One Of The Nation S Best Loved Comedians It Was A Gamble, But Boy, Did It Pay OffHow Did All This Happen Is The Story Of How A Boy Who, Growing Up On A Council Estate Dreaming Of Ousting Kenny Dalglish From Liverpool FC S Starting Line Up, Suddenly Found Himself On Stage In Front Of Thousands Of People Nationwide, At An Age When He Should Have Known BetterIn His Own Inimitable Style, John Guides Us Through His Life From Leaving The Estate And Travelling The Globe On A Shoe String, To Marriage, Kids And The Split That Led Him To Being On A Stage Complaining To Strangers One Night The Night That Changed His Life And Started His Journey To StardomWonderfully Entertaining And Packed With Colourful Reminiscences And Comical Anecdotes, This Is A Heart Warming, Life Affirming And Ultimately Very, Very Funny Memoir From One Of The Nation S Greatest Comedians

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    I have to say that I enjoyed this book I don t normally read autobiographies, however once I started to read I just wanted to read it all I found it an interesting g read which appears to be an honest account of how he has got to where he has through hard wor, fate and some very difficult decisions Would I be in a different position now if I had made difficult decisions although I have made some and I am happy with my lot yes I would.I have read some reviews and feel that they are talking about a different book I liked the fact that I could hear John s voice narrating the book as I was reading it In an instant he also had me crying the part about the dead schoolfriend brought back some memories for me involving a young boy and a car accident near our home whenI was young These things stay with you Overall I think that we would get on with John and his family, down to earth no airs and graces, honest and values friendship Well done, and I hope that your career continues for some years to come.

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    I have been a huge fan of John Bishop for quite a while now When I first found out he was going to have an autobiography coming out I was excited, to say the least The only disappointment I had was that it took me so long to get the book.Throughout John Bishop s autobiography you get a real sense of understanding and appreciation for the man behind the jokes It s not every day that you come across a celebrity who loves what they do without feeling the need to brag about it I find John keeps it real He takes you on a journey through his life and you begin to see that he s not like most celebs he actually did things before he became famous He talks about his family, his stumble into comedy, his bike ride across Australia and his Sport Relief challenge with passion and pride.I did feel that he put maybe a bit too much thought and attention to his earlier life than his comedy career but I didn t for one moment find it dull.I loved the moment when he cracked a joke about the ex wife s, in the earlier days, only to then find her face in the audience staring back at him I found myself, like I do when he s on the TV, laughing constantly.The book is thoroughly enjoyable and definitely has a huge dose of John s humour in it.

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    I m from the same area as John Bishop, and also do stand up comedy, but don t expect any bias here Honestly, I expected a 3 star book based around the fact that the man is very successful now, and probably felt obliged to write the expected biog by his agent etc How wrong can a person be I m an avid reader, and always have been, and have to say that this is one of the best books I have ever read No joke It is funny, poignant, incredibly honest, and also if you need anything else, an incredible love story between a man, a woman and their kids Utterly brilliant If there is only one book you read this year, this should be it, and no I haven t been paid to write this, and have never met the man.

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    I decided to read this book after watching John Bishop in Conversation tv show I thoroughly enjoy his informal style of interviewing finding him both extremely articulate and insightful and thoroughly interesting and entertaining Just knew I would enjoy his book and the way in which he writes, and I have I ve looked forward to coming to bed to read John s book and would highly recommend reading it even if you are not into comedy Would now love to see him on tour A thoroughly.de cent down to earth bloke

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    John Bishop is a very funny man on the TV However, people seem to forget the celebrities are just people like you and me Some celebrites may have the fame from being very young but some, like John, have to work for it, take risks, take the rough with the smooth, and keep on battling Some celebrities then just use their fame to get richer whereas others, like John, use it to help others.The drive that John Bishop has is incredible Where most people would think that a task was too much or too risky, he grabs it and doesn t give in This book is by no means a way of him saying how fantastic he is If anything it shows how he is just a normal man but with a little bit determination to get where he wants to be It s a brilliant book that I would recommend to anyone.

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    I absolutely love the realism and touchability of John s personality, story and writing style He s a wonderful person, dad and mate, I m sure I acknowledge that this will sound weird to some, however, I do wish I could obtain a copy of this book WITHOUT the heavy language , so I could encourage all my children and grandchildren to read it A born n bred scouser myself, I lived with and understand its use as a kind of punctuation Some may even imply that it s those words that make him funny, but that is just not true That would be insulting to John He s a very talented, good example of how to take life gently by the throat and make our intelligence, choices and courage work for us, personally AND he s funny too I ve watched so many on the comedy scene spoil their appeal to ALL groups, feeling they need to SHOCK, or add expletives, to reach the top Love you to bits, John, but do you know anyone who can supply the edited version of your must read story Stay wonderful x x Runcorn

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    The word legend is used to describe Kenny Dalgleish, as he achieved beyond anyone s comprehension, had talent in abundance and entertained many people, making their lives a little bearableHaving read this fantastic book I can relate to so much of due to only being a few years young, played footy, coached in America, done sales, gave up jobs when others thought I was mad the above and beyond that John has delivered consistently throughout his life, the help and compassion for others and the obvious daily learning he treats as his blessings Put him up their with Dalgleish, in my eyes he s already a legend and hopefully one day I will have the honour to meet him.Well done John not only for everything you have achieved but also for being a loving husband and father regardless of how bad things got Then having the courage to share your story in this quite brilliant book Well done good luck