From Grammy Award Winning Music Superstar And Actor Tim McGraw Comes A One Of A Kind Lifestyle Book That Melds His Personal Fitness Transformation Story With Practical Advice To Inspire Healthy Changes In Readers LivesTim McGraw Is As Well Known For His Unparalleled Accomplishments In The Entertainment Industry As He Is For His Boundless Energyhe Is The Embodiment Of Vitality And Success But Only A Decade Ago, He Found Himself Struggling With His Health The Demands Of His Meteoric Career And Life On The Road Had Taken A Toll McGraw Came To A Crossroads Where Knew That Unless He Made His Physical Health A Priority, He Would Put His Personal Happiness And Professional Success At Risk InGrit Grace, McGraw Shares His Transformation Story Along With Encouragement, Inspiration, And Real Life, Practical Advice To Help Readers Become Healthy, Strong And Fit In Mind And BodyFor The First Time, McGraw Will Share The Details Of The Mental And Physical Routine That Got Him In The Best Shape Of His Life He Suggests That There Is No Magic Formula To Getting Stronger And Healthier It Is About Making A Commitment To Do And Be Better, And Holding Yourself Accountable Each Day McGraw Didnt Follow A Playbook Or Have A Squad Of Trainers Overseeing His Every Step He Describes His Way Of Getting Into Shape As Maverick Tuning Into A Vision Of What You Personally Want To Achieve, Staying Focused, And Putting In The WorkMcGraw Says His Physical Transformation Has Ignited A Whole Life Transformation My Mind Is Clearer, My Sense Of Purpose Is Sharper, And My Relationships Are Deeper Consistent Physical Exercise Helps Me Bring Focus To My Life And To The People Whomean The Most To Me In Grit Grace, McGraw Makes This Transformation Accessible To Anyone, Sharing With Readers The Physical And Mental Tools They Can Use To Create The Life They Deserve

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    I can honestly say I wanted to like this book, I like Tim McGraw but, not this book There are things, I suppose, that you could take away from it, i.e start out small with a walk, make the recipes, admire the photos, etc., but I find it difficult to relate I don t have his millions to set up a trailer with equipment or a large group a people to motivate, work out with, cook my meals, yada yada His whole band is involved They all motivate each other He doesn t have to get up in the early morning to dress for a 8 hr work day He doesn t have to clean, cook, do laundry, etc It s all great but, I m sorry, it isn t the REAL world It only made me angry that he feels this book is helpful to us small folk Get real

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    can spark a cascade of changes that will turn around the health of your body and mind pg viii introduction Grit I was not sorry It s never too late to starteven small efforts count big A journey can start with a few degrees of changethat few degree change will lead you to a whole new place pg viii introduction Grit Grace This has certainly been my truth as I have walked my way free from 100 lbs over the last year.Tim writes in a folksy, down home way that is reminiscent of his music That does NOT mean the content isn t scientific, because it is It includes all facets of what is currently tho t of as mainstream exercise and health protocols If you like to use equipment, there are exercises for you, if nature is your thing, there s a plan for you and if a eastern approach works for you, or an integrative plan is the key, this is your book Tim provides 3 levels of participation so really, everyone can start, progress and keep on keeping.There are LOTS of really great pics for TM fans In fact, for some, they could be reason alone to purchase the book I found nuggets of encouragement for my ongoing journey a discussion on how to use micro goals and rewards and his discussion of how music and exercise have the same stress relieving effect I tho t I was crazy making that parallel in my life apparently not BTW, I ve been a N Y Mets fan forever and there s a great picture in the section that talks about buzz phrases motivators where Tim has written his famous Dad s ya gotta believe on a mirror Great stuff Grit Grace includes a few recipes for meals, snacks and smoothies at the the end of the book along with a topical index All in all, a worthy addition to my growing collection of health n fitness books and a great holiday gift idea

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    This is someone sharing a part of their personal life with you and trying to motivate you It does a great job Samuel Timothy McGraw I know your dad would ve been so proud of you You haven t walked or chosen the easy path in life that s for sure You found the person that God meant for you to be with and she put you and the girls first herself last It s hard to believe how big your babies are A place in the sun changed my life Thank you I grabbed this book for a birthday present for my husband.

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    Fantastic book It gives a highly detailed personal insight into Tim s motivation and journey I think even fans that know his story well will find out things they didn t know His routine is detailed for those wanting to and getting recipes is like a huge bonus On it s merit as a book 5 star I would add it s a beautifully produced book as well.

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    We love Tim McGraw His book is absolutely amazing Enjoying it ThanksKathy Digby