An Inspirational Book By Self Made Musical Superstar, Russ, Reminding You That It Starts With YOU, To Believe In Yourself, And To Get Out Of Your Own WayTwenty Seven Year Old Rapper, Songwriter, And Producer Russ Walks His Own Path, At His Own Pace By Doing So, He Proved That He Didnt Need A Major Label To Surpass Over A Billion Streams On Spotify Apple Music, Get On Forbes Under , Make The ForbesUnderCash Kings At NumberFor Most Earned, Sell Out Arenas Across The US And Around The Globe, And Become One Of The Most Popular And Engaged Rappers Right Now His Method Was Simple Love And Believe In Yourself Absolutely And Work Hard No Matter What In This Memoir, Russ Inspires Readers To Walk To Their Individual Rhythms And Beat Their Biggest Obstacles ThemselvesWith Chapters Named After His Most Powerful And Popular Songs,IT S ALL IN YOUR HEADwill Reflect On The Lessons Hes Learned From His Career, Family, And Relationships Hell Push Readers To Bet On Themselves, Take Those Leaps Of Faith, And Recognize Struggles As Opportunities With Illustrations Throughout Consistent With The Brand Russ Has Built And His Fan Base Loves,IT S ALL IN YOUR HEAD Will Give Readers An Inside Look At The Man And The Motivation Behind The Music A Lover Of Books Like The Alchemist And The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success, Russ Delivers A Short, Potent, Inspirational, Raw, And Honest Book That Gives Readers A Way To Find Self Belief And Unlock Their Potential Fans Already Rely On Russ As An Inspiration Of Confidence Now, He Is Taking It To The Next Level With This Book, Which Will Contain Lyrics From His Music And Visuals That Reflect His Inimitable Style

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    Great book I ve been looking forwad to reding this book since Russ posted on instagram about it first.Big help on forging a strong and healthy mindset.

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    April 2018 is when the Universe brought Russ into my life He had put out a song called Since I was Broke I don t have Twitter, but my boyfriend does and discovered the song and knew I would love it, so he played it for me.I cried I felt like someone finally understood me on a deep soul level with that song Because I was broke but I KNEW in my gut I would make it.For the next year I only listened to Russ Every single day 100x a day I listened to his words I believed them and in turn, I started to believe in ME.4 months before discovering Russ I started my business I said F % YOU to my jerk of a boss and decided I didn t need her and her 80k salary position even though I was broke AF.After listening to his music and studying every interview he had ever done on YouTube, I would fall asleep to his interviews hoping my subconscious would pick up his confidence one year later I made over 100k Today, I am going to 1 MILLION in 2020 I have 10 employees and I get to wake up everyday and do what the I LOVE.ALL BECAUSE THIS MAN HELPED ME GET OUT OF MY HEAD.I feel so lucky to have been delivered this book early on 11 11 and read it ALL, cover to cover, in just 4 hours.This book is exactly what I studied for the past 1.5 years in Russ lyrics and music.Buy it.Read it.Read it again.Highlight it.Study it.Implement it.Believe in yourself and watch the magic unfold.Russ, I m forever grateful for you Xo, Courtney Sjoberg

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    I read it in an hour Russ is a self made millionaire with an amazing perspective on life Get inspired, read it.

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    Timeless wisdom in a short, simple book I love how he incorporates his personal stories from his life and music journey into the book He is telling principles of success that I ve read in a lot of Success Classics like Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and I Will by Ben Sweetland He talks about the power of Self Belief and Self Faith, despite all obstacles or contrary evidence He talks about the power of being delusional believing in yourself and potential regardless of what outside circumstances say He talks about working in silence, the power of your thoughts and your words He cautious against putting off dreams into the future, but urges us to live them in the present He states that we shouldn t speak about success in the future tense, I am going to be successful, is a mistake We must say that I AM successful NOW He is a true inspiration and I m grateful for his little book

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    This is a quick and easy read, but its brevity is one of its strengths From the right perspective it s a concentration of deep wisdom that will light you on fire Russ has become a prolific multiple award winning engineer, producer, writer, and rapper having all those skillsets and being good at them, is very rare in music So when I saw that he came out with a book, I knew it would provide a valuable insight into his mindset, that I could apply towards my own pursuits Russ explains that he s no different from any one of us, you just need to learn the essence of getting out of your own way.

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    Wasn t sure what to think before reading, but wow, Russ mindset that he teaches in this book is game changing Pretty short read, but a great one