This Is Bob Monkhouse S Classic Autobiography One Of Britain S Most Enduring And Famous Comedians Tells Us In His Own Inimitable Style The Fascinating And Often Hilarious Story Of His Life From Disclosures Of Very Painful Personal Tragedies To Extraordinary And Outrageously Funny Anecdotes About The Stars He Knew, His Confessions Are Blisteringly Honest, Touching And Often Shocking Crying With Laughter Combines Heartache With Hilarity, Sexy Showbiz Revelations With Genuinely Moving Tales Of The Hard Times, And Typically Funny Jokes With Sobering Personal Reflections, To Create A Passionate, Witty And Sparkling Account Of An Extraordinary Man S Extraordinary Life

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    It s incredible to believe, but there was a time when Bob Monkhouse wasn t regarded as the national treasure he is today with the coming of the alternative comedy boom of the 80 s, Bob s slick, gameshow host image made some see him as a joke This book did than anything else to turn his career around and make people appreciate his mastery of his craft It has everything you could want from a showbiz memoir starry eyed reminiscences of meeting his heroes vivid portraits, both flattering and not, of some of the big names he encountered candid confessions of some of his indiscreet moments, and a glimpse into some of the behind the scenes politics that went into making each half hour of light entertainment.But despite the book s disarmingly conversational style, there s some real soul bearing here As the title suggests, amidst all the laughter there are some genuinely emotional moments, and the author is surprisingly hard on himself when addressing them His memories of his disabled son Gary are particularly touching, and his perhaps undeserved sense of guilt over his writing partner s suicide is strongly felt.The book is worth a read for anyone with even the slightest interest in comedy, as it provides a valuable insight into a comedian s mind and how the whole process of putting together an act or show works This was a man who was renowned for his encyclopedic joke memory and who championed up and coming talent, and students of Comedy will find some real wisdom in these pages.

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    I like Bob Monkhouse I always did I respected his slick rapid paced comedy which was always performed faultlessly However this book was not what I expected What I did expect was a slick face paced book with plenty of humour and insights into his movie and television life Instead this book seemed to chug along slowly going back and forth in time which to me felt like an editing error Bob mentions agents and producers as though we should know who they are but doesn t really explain much about them until the second time they are mentioned He skips past the very first Carry On movie with just one mention Nothing at all about the filming of the movie or any mention of his co stars Nor does he elaborate about Ann Aston and Wei Wei Wong, who served him so well on the Golden Shot He also sidesteps his first wife and two of his three children, not fleshing them out at all He does say at the beginning that he wouldn t be telling it all but I think to sideline them in this manner did them a disservice On the other hand he goes into great detail about the life of his former partner in comedy describing his faults meticulously After reading this book I came away with the feeling that Bob wasn t really such a nice guy He was flawed in many ways, but he didn t hide his flaws, he was honest about that.

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    Bob Monkhouse, who for many years was one of the great entertainers and game show hosts in Television history tells his life story in candid fashion, honest, frank, light hearted on every page revealing a life with its many ups and downs, his triumphs and tragedies, his life and soul is all here within 330 pages or so.He also reveals the difficult relationship with his mother who always felt that Bob s brother was a better man than he was, and that Bob would never be a success in life, whether in show business or his family life Of course, as an entertainer, he proved himself over and over again His private life was a different matter His first marriage ended because of unfaithfulness by both himself and his first wife then there was the trauma of having a severely disabled son, Gary who died quite young And then there was his obsessions with the accumulation of a vast library of films and video tapes, mounting up to 50,000 copies which were discovered in his garden shed at the time of his death Many of these copies have proved to be priceless, copies of television shows long thought lost.I really enjoyed reading this book, which is very revealing and very frank, particularly in dealing with his relationships with other celebrities of the time such as Diana Dors and Frankie Howerd A marvelous read, and will be enjoyed by anyone wanting to know about the real Bob Monkhouse and his contributions to television history.

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    A genuine life story, rather than just a series of showbiz anecdotes, this has tested my recently formed belief that a life story told by someone other than the subject of it tends to be reliable and complete Written in Monkhouse s trademark quickfire style, there are some eyewatering revelations contained here Written before the shadow of illness and death fell across him, it is insightful and intelligent Recommended.

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    I cannot recommend this autobiography highly enough I decided to buy this book having seen a documentary series on the life and career of Bob Monkhouse on TV recently He recounts his life story in a well written, interesting way and the book is a page turner It also provides insights into his craft as a comedy writer and performer.He is very frank in detailing painful episodes in his life and there a couple of jaw dropping stories relating to his sex life

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    I enjoyed watching Bob Monkhouse in his various roles over the year and his sense of comedy resonated with me His book is written in a conversational style I could almost visualise him saying the words There are some laugh out loud moments and some dull passages the two extremes but I expect different people will find these aspects in different parts of the book If you liked Bob Monkhouse, or just curious about him, you ll like this book I m glad I read it.

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    It s a big read and it tends to wander a little and repeat It, however, is an interesting story told about the life of one of our best comedy writers I am glad I stuck with it and lived through all the ups and downs this guy went through developing his talent and selling his ideas convincing various theaters and television that he had a lot to offer.