When Abraham Verghese, A Physician Whose Marriage Is Unravelling, Relocates To Texas, He Hopes To Make A Fresh Start As A Staff Member At A County Hospital There He Meets David Smith, A Medical Student Recovering From A Drug Addiction, And The Two Men Begin A Tennis Ritual That Allows Them To Shed Their Inhibitions And Find Security, In The Sport They Love And In Each Other But When The Dark Beast That Is David S Addiction Emerges Once Again, Almost Everything Verghese Has Come To Trust And Believe In Is Threatened Compassionate And Moving, The Tennis Player Is An Unforgettable, Illuminating Story Of How Men Live And How They Survive

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    After reading Cutting for Stone I wanted to read something else by this author.The Tennis Player filled the bill Surprisingly it is autobiographical and tells the story of the author s professional involvment with one of his students who had been a tennis pro.There are many layers to the story involving both men and their lives, a story of compassion and the ability to help another being but all to no avail This book does not have a happy ending but is a good read C.E Kay

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    I had read his first book after reading a review in the Library Although this book is basically about his life with his tennis partner and how they lean on each other for emotional support throughout different times in their life, the book is very moving and well written and I m only sad that he has only got two books published Well written and highly recommended.

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    A disappointment after his other books, though i doubt Cutting for Stone could ever be bettered That is possibly the best book i have ever enjoyed

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    I loved Cutting for stone but found this a little tedious and did not finish if.

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    I really enjoyed this book I had already read cutting for stone so I knew what a good writer he is I was not disappointed His understanding and descriptions of characters is excellent, he must be a good doctor However, I did think there was too much tennis and medicine Other than that I would recommend it.

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    His usual readable and reflective writing, but with lots of tennis technicalities I did Finish it and the ending was not what I thought it would be

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    I ordered this book because I really enjoyed Verghese s Cutting for Stone I did enjoy this book but thought that he went on too much about tennis and all the different players even though I play tennis myself.Despit that, it was interesting.

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    As expected