A New And Comprehensive Selection Of Dryden S Poetry, Revealing Him As A Master Of Theatricality, Ventriloquism, And Unmistakable Originality Brought Together Here Are Many Of The Poems From His Time As Poet Laureate And Loyal Servant Of The Crown, Including The Biblical Allegory Absalom And Achitophel , In Which The Poet Attacked Those Who Intrigued Against The King And Earned Himself A Reputation For Menace And A Number Of Powerful Enemies His Works Of Virgil Set The Standard For The Translation Of Latin Poetry His Last Work, Fables Ancient And Modern Combined Original Verse And New Translations, Showing How He Transformed The Idioms And Gestures Of Other Voices And Made Them His Own A good selection of Dryden s work. This particular item does not work on the kindle device The pages turn very slowly, and sometimes the file freezes up the kindle altogether I complained toabout this issue, but the publisher, or , I m not sue who is responsible for producing the kindle version , have failed to respond althoughaccepted my return Even if the issues I have mentioned were solvedthe kindle version would still be poor the formatting is awkward and there are no links for any of the extensive footnotes.PS The book itself i like, in terms of content I also have an iPad, and on that device none of the errors I mentioned are noticeable, even the formatting of the text appears ok on my iPad s kindle app So if you use the iPad, or perhaps another device, as your reader, the book may be ok for you although the footnotes still will have no links, which is incredibly inconvenient.