The Fry Chronicles is Fry s autobiographical account of ten years of his life from age twenty Ten years in which he studied at Queen s College, Cambridge or rather acted in countless plays and then branched off into comedy particularly after his meeting of Hugh Laurie It gives an account of his early career and how this swiftly developed.I have read this book shortly after reading Fry s autobiography of his first twenty years Moab Is My Washpot That was a 5 star read, by comparison this I rate as meriting 4 stars If I had not read Maob I would have given The Chronicles 5 stars.Why the difference and diminution Well, Maob, the best autobiography I have read, contains by quick turn side splitting humour and an onion peeling baring of Fry s inner workings, feelings and motivations I thought it logical to assume that The Chronicles would beof the same and this was what I was expecting.Whilst it is true to say that there are many pages that do carry on this vein, there are also many others that simply recount Fry s early career in terms of how it all began, how he obtained work, what he worked on and who he worked with, etc Of course this is interesting and indeed necessary because the autobiography has to tell us about how he spent these pivotal ten years of his life, but for me, what set Maob apart was Fry s brave, candid lifting off of his mask and assumed persona to reveal his true self I found this absolutely fascinating and I admire and appreciate Fry s willingness to do this It is simply that this book contains less of that.I also found this book to be less funny.Having said all of this, there is no question that this is anything but a highly engaging, entertaining, revealing, and at times, amusing read Of interest too is as account of how comedy developed in England in the 1980s There is much that is laid bare and consequently we do learn an awful lotabout Fry and I would not wish to deter anyone from reading his chronicles.If you have not read Maob I strongly suggest that you read that first. As far as an autobiography of Stephen Fry is concerned Moab is My Washpot which is about his life before he became famous had really quite surprised me, I don t pretend to know a lot about Stephen Fry Just that I love watching him on television and think he is generally pretty awesome Having read the first autobiography I had less expectations of this one in a way, I didn t expect it to be at all predictable because in the first book his life seemed to differ so much from what was suggested by his television persona.In terms of what I would expect from Fry this was a littlewhat I had expected than the first book You could certainly see parts of who he seems to be now coming out In some ways it seemed a little self obsessed but can one really write an autobiography without it being a little self obsessed I never really got the idea that he was elevating himself, if anything he was quite humble and even at times would tell himself off for being a little self obsessed which never seemed like he was pretending,like he couldn t understand why people would be interested All the way through there was a certain level of disbelief that he had become famous It was obvious he didn t feel he deserved it, and from what he said in hispresent voice he seemed still not to quite believe how lucky he has been In a way this was the element of the book which most surprised me.On adding this book to goodreads I had a quick flick through the spoiler free reviews it s something I often do, just reading the first few lines of each review to get a general picture of how people found the book I happened to catch sight of a review which suggested that the book was a bit to name droppy and no that isn t a real word, I don t care This did cause me a bit of worry I m not one of those people who is really into celebrity culture I think I am right in saying that this is the one celebrity biography I have read However I don t think I needed to be worried There were maybe a few name drops that were unnecessary but most of the time he mentioned people who were friends or who he had worked with, I don t think you can really write a whole autobiography without mentioning any friends or colleges.The descriptions of Fry s time at Cambridge wereinteresting than I had expected too although not as interesting as wen the fame thing started.At time it had me laughing out loud but in general I wouldn t describe it as a comic book still it was almost worth reading just for Hugh Laurie s reaction to Fry buying his first Apple Mac.Only real problem I had with it is that the way it ended made it very obvious that Fry intended to write another autobiography Which almost forces you to read it I mean his life isn t over so I suppose another biography would be expected but I would like to feel I havechoice.Oh and onething, there were a few points where I thought the Kindle edition might be different to the paperback Just things which seemed to suggest you were on an e reader Does anyone know if there are any differences This is a fascinating read about an incredible man I had absolutely no idea the extent of his genius and the sheer volume of his writing For many genius is wasted as they often live insular and isolated lives but Fry is very gregarious and sociable and clearly enjoys his success and his many friendships I had the pleasure of meeting him one night at dinner with mutual friends and can say he was extremely charming.He has achieved so much with his life that it s almost exhausting to read the follow up evenso He has now been added to my list of living or dead dinner guests He really should be on any list. I bought this as a Christmas stocking gift for my son who loves Steven Fry I appreciate that it is not new but unfortunately the book has a big price label on the front cover that I couldn t remove and ended up making a mess so I haven t given him it If the description had mentioned the label I wouldn t have bought it At least purchase went to a good cause. Spanning, The Fry Chronicles Charts Stephen Fry S Arrival At Cambridge Up To His Thirtieth Birthday Heartbreaking, A Delight, A Lovely, Comfy Book The Times Perfect Prose And Excruciating Honesty A Grand Reminiscence Of College And Theatre And Comedyland In The S, With Tone Perfect Anecdotes And Genuine Readerly Excitement What Fry Does, Essentially, Is Tell Us Who He Really Is Above All Else, A Thoughtful Book And Namedroppy Too, And Funny, And Marbled With Melancholy Observer Arguably The Greatest Living Englishman Independent On Sunday Extremely Enjoyable Sunday Times Fry S Linguistic Facility Remains One Of The Wildean Wonders Of The New Media Age The Patron Saint Of British Intelligence Daily TelegraphWelcome To Stephen Fry S The Fry Chronicles, One Of The Boldest, Bravest, Most Revealing And Heartfelt Accounts Of A Man S Formative Years That You Will Ever Have The Exquisite Pleasure Of ReadingStephen Fry S Film, Stage, Radio And Television Credits Are So Numerous And Wide Ranging That There Is Not Space Here To Do Them Justice It Is Enough To Say That He Has Written, Produced, Directed, Acted In Or Presented Productions As Varied As Wilde, The TV Series Blackadder And Jeeves And Wooster, The Sketch Show A Bit Of Fry Laurie, The Panel Game QI, The Radio Series Fry S English Delight And Documentaries On Subjects As Varied As Manic Depression, Disappearing Animals And The United States Of America He S Also The Bestselling Author Of Four Novels The Stars Tennis Balls, Making History, The Hippopotamus And The Liar As Well As A Volume Of Autobiography, Moab Is My Washpot, And Sundry Works Of Non Fiction