Sign Language Interpreting Exploring Its Art And Science Is A Comprehensive Exploration Of The Practice And Research Relating To Sign Language Interpreting A Pleasant Conversational Style Of Writing Is Used To Present The Problems, The Issues, And The Options In This Field As They Are Known Today The Reader Is Taken On A Journey From The Early Days Of Interpreting, To The Professionalization Of Interpreters, To An Examination Of Past And Present Models Of Interpreting The Business And Ethical Aspects Of Interpreting Are Discussed While Focusing On Current Practice

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    This is a great read for those interested in learning about the history of interpreting It was a required book for one of my first ITP classes and it really opened up my eyes as to how much the interpreting field has evolved over the years It truly does provide an amazing backstory and answers a lot of questions one may have as to how interpreting officially became a profession It is a must have for ITP students, current interpreters, or anyone who is interested in the history of sign language interpreting.

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    I read this book last year and learned a lot from this book it benefits me a lot D I highly recommend this book to everyone who wanted to become ASL American Sign Language interpreter.

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    I purchase this book for an ASL class for college It was somewhat a dry read However, I got through it.The info was good but the book seem dated.

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    Book has been great for the ASL interpreting class I am taking however, the pages are falling out after I had only opened the book a few times.

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    recommendable if you want to be interpreter