I Made Up My Mind To Try I Tried And I Was SuccessfulBessie Coleman Meet The Little Leaders They Re Brave They Re Bold They Changed The WorldW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER Did You Know The Treatment For Leprosy Was Developed By A Young Scientist Called Alice Ball And Josephine Baker World Famous Cabaret Singer And Dancer Was Also A Spy For The French R Sistance FeaturingTrailblazing Black Women In The World S History, This Book Educates And Inspires As It Relates True Stories Of Women Who Broke Boundaries And Exceeded All ExpectationsDebut Author Illustrator Vashti Harrison Pairs Captivating Text With Stunning Illustrations As She Tells The Stories Of Both Iconic And Lesser Known Female Figures Of Black History, Including Nurse Mary SeacolePolitician Diane AbbottMathematician Katherine JohnsonSinger Shirley BasseyInspire Your Own Little Leader With The Stories Of These Amazing Women

8 thoughts on “Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History

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    What a beautiful book for all ages my 10yr old , 5yr old and 3yr old all love it I asked my 5yr old if she liked it she said yes mummy it s full of black girls that look like me

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    The book itself is beautifully designed in all it s wonders Harrison s style and use of colour makes this so visually pleasing and on top of that it s educational These are the types of books that children should be reading uplifting and inspirational Moreover considering the lack of ethnic minorities in children s books as a whole that I m aware of in the UK I see this as a very much needed welcome edition as one that doesn t focus on struggle persay, but so on achievement I very much look forward to her next book.

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    We read a story to our daughter every night before she goes to bed She loves the little stories and already have her favourites I find this educational even for myself as an adult because I discover things that I then go on to research and learn about A fantastic idea for a book, please do like this

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    Lovely book, bought for my niece who is studying at the moment Wanted to inspire her and introduce her to black female role models An easy to read book, each short biography will give her enough information so she can then pursue who inspires her the most to seek out information Awesome book

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    This is book for all ages I recommend this book to everyone I come across, I learn t about so many inspiring people and I honestly wish I had this book when I was younger so that it I knew there were actually Bold women in Black history

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    Brought for my children I initially saw this at the London Musesm but was largely overpriced as you could imagine I immediately went onto and saw this at a great price My daughters instantly fell I love with this book It s nice to see women who they can relate to who have done and are doing great things.

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    This is a great book with short biographies that inspire little children Similar to Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls.

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    Considering there is a distinct lack of black history being taught in our schools, books like this are vital Well written and easy to read I found the content lead to my kids asking questions, which is exactly what we want.