British Sign Language BSL , Britain S Fourth Native Language, Is Thriving Across The Length And Breadth Of The Country, And Its Use Is Spreading Far Beyond The Members Of The Deaf Community For Whom It Is The Most Fluent Way Of Communicating Increasingly, Many Hearing People Are Learning And Using BSL, Either Because They Have Deaf Relatives Or Friends Or Because They Simply Enjoy The Expressive Freedom Of The Language Sign Language Companion Is Intended For All BSL Students It Presents Signs With Young People In Mind, Grouped In Topics And Linking Ideas And Concepts That Will Enable Them To Construct Their Own Combinations And Everyday Conversations The Topics Covered Include Getting To Know You Family, People And Other Animals Conduct And Behaviour Sharing Ideas And Interests Sharing Feelings And Relationships Food And Drink Colour And Time And This And That More Than Sign Illustrations, With Over A Thousand Entries Of English Translations And Descriptions Of Variations, Show The Enormous Diversity Of This Living Language, And Each Section Ends With Puzzles For Practice And Entertainment

8 thoughts on “Sign Language Companion: A Handbook of British Signs (Human horizons)

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    An amazing tool for anybody beginning sign language Lots of really useful words and phrases and it s very easy to read The signs aren t in alphabetical order which I found a bit annoying but there is a glossary and the signs are all split in to sections They also have diagrams to show parts of the hand and the shapes you make so it s really helpful.

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    Very basic book and not really that useful, so given to my niece whi is just 11 It was in great condition though and brilliant value for money I would definitely use this seller again and highly recommend them.

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    Excellent well worth the money

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    Lots of signs which the older generation use Good to have a variety of books so as to be able to communicate using different or alternative signs Clear and helpful when learning BSL

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    Exactly as described

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    Useful good

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    Excellent companion for those starting BSL courses.

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    Also a very good book, could not be happier with but and very useful also Everything was good and it arrived on time also