Whatever your opinion is of Pablo Escobar is this was an interesting account of his life and his brothers in the Medellin Cartel and how they dealt with Officials,Police,Goverment etc and the many scrapes they got into Murderer, Philanthropist, Drug Dealer, Politician, Devil, Saint Many Words Have Been Used To Describe Pablo Escobar, But One Is Irrefutable Legend For The Poor Of Colombia, He Was Their Robin Hood, A Man Whose Greatness Lay Not In His Crimes, But In His Charity For The Colombian Rich He Was Just A Bloodthirsty Gangster, A Bogie Man Used To Scare Children In Their Beds For The Rest Of The World Flush With His Imported Cocaine, He Was Public Enemy Number One During His Reign As The World S Most Notorious Outlaw, He Ordered The Murder Of Thousands At One Point Even Bombing A Passenger Jet Smuggled Drugs Into The US In Mini Submarines Inspired By Bond Films, Was Elected To Parliament, Staged Midnight Escapes Through The Jungle From Whole Army Battalions, Built His Own Prison, Consorted With Presidents, Controlled An Estimated Fortune Of OverBillion, And For OverYears Outwitted The Secret American Forces Sent To Kill Him His Ambition Was As Boundless As His Violence, And Neither Was Ever Satisfied This Is The First Major, And Definitive, Biography Of This Remarkable Criminal Life, Told In Jaw Dropping Detail By The One Man Who, Than Any Other, Can Understand Just How Far He Came And Just How Low He Fell His Brother, Roberto Escobar Before I bought and read this book, I knew who Pablo Escobar was but wanted to learnabout him This book gave an insight further, however despite him being labelled as the modern day Robin Hood and helping the poor of Colombia, He is definately not a role model after the other books that I read after this one.The book that I have just finished is by Mrs Escobar and I would advise you to buy and read that one This will give you a true picture of what I can only describe was an evil,disgusting, cheating,lying little man. I love this book, I am really into true crime and this book is such an easy read I have always been fascinated with the story of Pablo Escobar so to hear Robertos in depth and detailed account of their lives makes you realise just how much of a legend and how truly powerful Pablo was I believe Pablo could have done even greater things in life should his fate turned out slightly different Definitely recommend this. Not often you will get an inside view of an organisation such as Medellin cartel but here you go Obviously massively sympathetic to Pablo but it s clear he had a human side and was essentially worshiped by those around him. Probably inevitable that getting Pablo Escobar s brother to write a biography of him would be a bit strange over th course of the book, the narrator s proximity and complicity in all the horror gets harder to gloss over Think it could have done with making him one voice among others This account tends to focuson Roberto Escobar and not Pablo Escobar, which is hardly surprising as its basically a narrative by Roberto Escobar I was expecting adetailed account of Pablo Escobar s exploits, also, to me it seems to be disjointed in the timeline of events, so I found that confusing. Written by his brother who lets say is a little in awe of his brother It s a fantastic true story and what I liked about it was where Roberto didn t know the exact story he didnt make it up he says I think this happened, or I am not sure it happened like that.Would recommend, exciting in parts.