Danielle Steel really wrote this one from the heart it painted a very poignant picture of her son Nick s life Although he was tormented so much by his inner demons he still managed to achieve so much with his music it was obvious that he was well loved respected by all who knew him I m sure she cherishes the time they all had together, even though it was so short Well done DS for your bravery in writing this book. This Is The Story Of An Extraordinary Boy With A Brilliant Mind, A Heart Of Gold And A Tortured Soul From The Day He Was Born, Nick Traina Was His Mother S Joy By Nineteen, He Was Dead This Is Danielle Steel S Powerful Story Of The Son She Lost And The Lessons She Learned During His Courageous Battle Against Darkness Sharing Tender, Painful Memories, Steel Brings Us A Haunting Duet Between And Singular Young Man And The Mother Who Loved Him And A Harrowing Portrait Of A Masked Killer Called Manic DepressionNick Rocketed Through Life Like A Shooting Star He Spoke In Full Sentences At The Age Of One He Was A Brilliant, Charming Child Who Never Slept His Gift For Writing Was Extraordinary, His Musical Talent Promised A Golden Future But By The Time He Entered Junior High, He Was Hurtling Towards Disaster His Mother Tried Desperately To Get Him The Help He Needed The Opening Salvos For What Would Become A Ferocious Battle For His Life At Once A Loving Legacy And An Unsparing Depiction Of A Devastating Illness, Danielle Steel S Tribute To Her Lost Son Is A Gift Of Life, Hope, Healing And Understanding To Us All I Want To Share The Story, And The Pain, The Courage, The Love, And What I Learned In Living Through ItMy Hope Is That Someone Will Be Able To Use What We Learned, And Save A Life With It This is the story of Danielle s son Nick Traina who suffered manic depression and her battle,with some friends ,to get him diagnosed.There are a lot of writings she found from Nick about his suffering,after his untimely death aged 19.He had only just been prescribed Lithium which improved his life but turned out to be too little too late sadly.I bought this book because I wanted to read Danielle s latest Book A Gift of Hope and I believe this one had to be read first so the reader understood the reasons why she did the humanitarian work in his name that she did.I would recommend anyone to read this first and follow straight on with The Gift of Hope as I did. Astounding, amazing Danielle and Julie show such amazing courage, sympathy, empathy it is truly emotional I bought this book years ago and found I could not read it I donated it to some charity shop Since then I have had to accept living with a brain tumour and and the associated problems I found I bought the book again for my Kindle and read it from cover to cover I did not want to put it down I found Nick to be a real fighter trying to live his life and being knocked back time and time again For me it put Danielle Steele in a completely new light I have read her books from the very first and first time round I could not understand why she wrote this story but now I do. I am a fairly recent convert to Danielle Steele books and saw His Bright Light advertised in the back of the last one of her books that I read I was intrigued by the fact that Danielle who is massively known for her fiction writing had written something biographical about her family and my interest was peeked enough to read the book.His Bright Light tells the story of Danielle Steeles son Nick Traina who tragically died at the age of 19 after battling all of his life against manic depression Danielle tells us the story of Nick s life who from birth was an exceptionally intelligent, perceptive, advanced and humorous boy but by the time he reached his early teens was caught in the dark grips of manic depression Danielle spares no detail as she recounts the family s battle to get Nick s problems taken seriously by the medical profession in order that he could live as normal life as possible, and the massive impact Nick had on his family and the people that worked with him to help him battle his demons.Not only is this book a huge tribute to Nick and the amazing and loving person that he was but I think something like this really does bring awareness to mental health issues that are sometimes all too quickly dismissed by society through a lack of understanding The letters and journal entries that Danielle includes in the book really do help us to see not only how awful an illness like this can be and how they can affect a person but also give us a massive insight into Nick s incredible mind There are also a lot of lovely family photos included in the book, Nick really was an extremely handsome young man.This book is extremely inspirational, despite his illness Nick achieved so much in his short life through his love and drive for his music career despite the terrible illness It made me sad that Nick s life was cut short and the illness became bigger than him as it is such a waste of an incredible person but the lessons learnt by his family and the medical profession will I am sure contribute towards saving or improving the lives of other people affected by mental health issues which will be a true legacy to leave behind. I loved this book, unable to stop but binged on it and finished within two days It was a sad story but so true, so touching I couldn t understand any marking below the full.It would be a good book for parents and carers who has mentally challenged kids Here are some tips I picked 1 mental illness is real, one does need continuous medicine 2 hospital institutionalization always made the case worse, for it simply impossible for all staff there to be loving enough for others suffering Although Danielle Steel nicely hid real names of outrageous hospitals, it was clear that Nick was always saner and abler to cope when he was around loving people Be all poets and artists a bit crazy, not everyone was squeezed to act normal.In addition, I found it simply marvelous that Danielle could be so fair and loving to all her children All through the book I felt that she had worriedabout Nick but wherever, including her addressing to Nick, she was always fair and equal with other children This is why she could spare Nick to Julie, in order to protect other children, and Nick knew that too It was so cold for some reviewers to simply accused Danielle giving up Nick to Julie There are also things from the book that won t be helpful for ordinary people As many may doubt how Julie and many others could give up that much to Nick In addition to her genuine love for this brilliant young man, it was also true that as she was working a full time for Danielle And by working really hard, for writing books at night and spending time children in the day, Danielle was able to hire all the most sincere carers and supported Nick.Really touching and honest book, heart nurturing.