Although I d seen the film which I confess was the first time I d heard of the American version of Elizabeth David, I wasn t until recently aware that Julia Child had written her autobiography and what a revelation it is A charming, funny, self deprecating book of life in Paris after the Second World War that brings alive Julia Child s passion for France and food I ve since recommended it to others and they ve all loved it This deserves to be much better known and shows what an innovator she was. I first became aware of Julia Child in the 1970s as a teenager living in thee States My friend Charles and I would meet eat our house for a late breakfast and watch The French Chef on PBS She was very different to the other famous TV chef of those days, Graham Kerr, the Galloping Gourmet Personally I couldn t stand his slick and smarmy delivery, but Julia was different awkwardly tall with a weird accent, a bit of Lloyd Grosman perhaps Her shows weren t that professional, she stumbled over her lines and the cooking occasionally went wrong, but her passion for cooking shone through.It is still shining through in this book If you re after recipes look elsewhere, but if you like reading autobiography at its best then look no further This book gives a fascinating insight into the life of one American who realised that the world doesn t begin or end at US borders Enjoy and Bon Appetite I had been to Paris a few times many years ago I know this will be appalling to many, but those experiences left me not loving Paris In fact, I would have been fine with never going back Well, last Easter, my family and my sister in laws family went on a joint trip After many hours of discussion, Paris was the agreed destination I had to do something about my frame of mind before the trip This book did it for me Julia Childs has such a love for France and Paris, I couldn t help get excited about the trip I ended up loving our trip to Paris I even visited the Cordon Bleu cooking school just to have a look and ended up buying an apron from them As an American living abroad for 3 years for work and a foodie myself, I immensely enjoyed this book Very interesting story about the Childs life Well written and hard for me to put down Have recommended to several of my friends. I bought this book after watching the excellent film Julie and Julia and being delighted and intrigued by Meryl Streep s portrayal of Julia Child I wanted to know how realistic her picture of Julia was I am delighted to say, from this wonderful memoir written by Julia and her nephew Alex Prudhomme at the end of her long and eventful life, that it was very true to life, or her life as it is portrayed here anyway Child was deeply, wonderfully eccentric, larger than life and absolutely passionate about everything she did, not least her cooking Married to a diplomat she travelled the world with him and ended up falling in love with post war Paris and its wonderful cuisine The first half of the book recounts her years in Paris and Marseille and is told with love, vibrancy, colour and passion The second half tells of her struggle to get her cookery bookery as she calls it published, and the growth of her television career, and finally her last years in France in Provence.Funny, eccentric, delightful and a joy to read I was sad when it was finished. I enjoyed this book tremendously not only was Julia Child a fascinating woman but her experiences in France just after the second world war, takes the reader in to Europe now gone by How I wished I was there with her Her autobiography is interesting , moving and inspiring This is a lovely book, written with heart and care Julia Child had a wonderful life full of travel and cookery experiences, and because the cooking part came later in her life she appreciates all the opportunities to their fullest I really enjoyed the parts of Julia s life as she adapts to life in 1950s Paris and that is key to the interest in the spans a period of huge change in the domestic lives of the housewife and the redefinitions of French and American cultures Some of the later parts of Julia s life seem to be glossed over, as if there were less important especially after Paul died This seems appropriate in themselves, as never have I read of two individuals so in love The book encompasses three types of my favour themes, life story, culinary adventure and travel journal Worth a read just for the characters. Exuberant, Affectionate And Boundlessly Charming The New York TimesWhen Julia Child Arrived In Paris In , A Six Foot Two Inch, Thirty Six Year Old, Rather Loud And Unserious Californian, She Spoke Barely A Few Words Of French And Did Not Know The First Thing About Cooking As She Fell In Love With French Culture, Buying Food At Local Markets, Sampling Bistros And Taking Classes At The Cordon Bleu, Her Life Began To Change Forever My Life In France Follows Her Extraordinary Transformation From Kitchen Ing Nue To Internationally Renowned And Loved Expert In French Cuisine Bursting With Adventurous And Humorous Spirit, Julia Child Captures Post War Paris With Wonderful Vividness And Charm