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[pdf] Treasures of the Deep: The Extraordinary Life and Times of Captain Mike Hatcher Author Hugh Edwards – Teenyboys.de

‘Treasures Of The Deep’ Is The Exciting True Story Of One-time Barnardo’s Boy And Now Professional Diver Captain Mike Hatcher. It Recounts The Adventurous Tales Of Hatcher’s Countless Discoveries Of Sunken Treasure Beneath The Seven Seas.Michael Hatcher, A Yorkshireman Who Has Spent Thirty Years Specialising In Shipwreck Salvage Work Comes From Humble Beginnings But Is Today The Most Celebrated Shipwreck Salvor Of All Time.Captain Mike Hatcher Has Recovered Valuable Cargoes From Many Exotic Locations Such As Thailand And Indonesia, Whilst Also Being Able To Enjoy The Financial Fruits Of His Labour. Hatcher Has Also Witnessed First Hand The Tragedy Of War-torn Vietnam And Post-Khmer Rouge Cambodia; He Has Also Periodically Had To Incur The Wrath Of South-East Asian Governments, Marine Archaeologists And Unscrupulous Competitors.Mike Hatcher’s Greatest Discovery Is The Massive Salavage Operation Of Tek Sing And Its Amazing Cargo. Discovered At The Bottom Of The South China Sea, The Shipwreck Contained At Least 360,000 Pieces Of Porcelain Being ‘the Biggest In The World And Certainly The Most Valuable’, According To Hatcher.‘Treasures Of The Deep’ Is A Marvellous Story Of Courage, Skill, Determination And Fantastic Rewards In The Face Of Harsh Adversity.

6 thoughts on “ Treasures of the Deep: The Extraordinary Life and Times of Captain Mike Hatcher

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    Enjoyed this book it was a great adventure story and would recommend it !

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    Gave it away when i first bought it with a D.V.D 'Tek Sing' Treasures.
    . but enjoyed it this time.

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    excellent book and service

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    Very good

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    Well written, good story in most chapters, a bit repetitive towards the end. It tells the story as it was, no embellishments, the characters are brave, hard working and dedicated men, but their adventures are not terribly interesting. I enjoyed the book but did not finish it.

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    Treasures of the Deep is one of the best books I have ever read. Well written, different and thoroughly enjoyable.Mike Thatcher made a great success of his life and yet he was a Barnardo's boy.It shows what some people can make of their lives even when they grow up without family.
    Juliet Rice