This marvellous book written by Sheila Hancock is a moving and thought provoking read about her and her husband, John Thaw It might also be helpful for anyone who is in a relationship with someone who has self confidence problems and or tendencies to escape through alcohol or dismissive behaviour The book covers two periods of time at once It is written partly as a running commentary in the present whilst the other part covers their lives in tandem and apart in terms of history and timeline I simply couldn t put it down and shall now order Sheila Hancock s second book, Just Me. When John Thaw, Star Of The Sweeney And Inspector Morse, Died From Cancer In , A Nation Lost One Of Its Finest Actors And Sheila Hancock Lost A Beloved Husband In This Unique Double Biography She Chronicles Their Lives Personal And Professional, Together And Apart John Thaw Was Born In Manchester, The Son Of A Lorry Driver When He Arrived At RADA On A Scholarship He Felt An Outsider In Fact His Timing Was Perfect It Was The Sixties And Television Was Beginning To Make Its Mark With His Roles In Z Cars And The Sweeney, Fame Came Quickly But It Was John S Role As Morse That Made Him An Icon InHe Married Sheila Hancock, With Whom He Shared A Working Class Background And A RADA Education Sheila Was Already The Star Of The TV Series The Rag Trade And Went On To Become The First Woman Artistic Director At The RSC Theirs Was A Sometimes Turbulent, Always Passionate Relationship, And In This Remarkable Book Sheila Describes Their Love Weathering Overwork And The Pressures Of Celebrity, Drink And Cancer With Honesty And Piercing Intelligence, And Evokes Two Lives Lived To The Utmost I m not one for autobiographies or biographies at all I ve only ever read two Michael J Fox s Lucky Man and now The Two Of Us If I m honest, I was half expecting not to finish The Two Of Us, half expecting the star of Inspector Morse and The Sweeney to be a bit of a let down, as stars often are But it s turned out to be one of the best books I ve read in a long time.Written for John rather than an anonymous audience, The Two Of Us is an effortless read While I enjoy a good book, I tend to be one of those people with half a mind always on how many pages are left to the end But I didn t care about that with this book, I was totally wrapped up in it and enjoying the journey.While I would never go as far as to say I felt like I knew John Thaw, by the end I did come away with a depth of understanding and, dare I say it, a sense of affection for him There were a number of things about him that surprised me but that I also identified with For example, I always assumed that when I was watching The Sweeney I was watching a posh bloke playing a streetwise cop, and that Morse was closer to the real John Thaw, so was pleasantly surprised to learn he was every inch a working class lad In fact his background was very poverty stricken.The main reason I liked this book so much was that I ended up liking John Thaw, although I suspect if he d met me he d have given me short shrift at first, mistaking me for a middle class toff Anyway, I d like to have known him, Sheila Hancock was very lucky to have known him and I don t think many books could make me feel that way. I enjoyed this book very much I found Sheila Hancock really engaging and well written She gives insight into their private lives, their joys and their struggles I would recommend this book very highly. Bought for my mother, who enjoyed the Morse detective fiction that Thaw starred in before he died While not the most profound biography in the world Thaw was interesting in a way, but not overly ostentatious or leaderly in the profession , you do get a sense of what Thaw was like, and how his relationship with Hancock developed over the hears. i thoroughly enjoyed this book.I loved Sheila Hancock s honesty She made me laugh and she made me cry I always liked John Thaw Whenever I watch repeats of The Sweeney, I remember my father Mum said The Sweeney was too rough for me to watch, but I d sometimes watch it with my father I also love Thaw s portrayal of Morse.Sheila Hancock writes as though she s talking to you It s a joy to read her reminiscences of her life so far Long may it continue. After the death of my late husband, I tried to avoid all the books that I felt would be telling me about my grief in counsellor jargon But I came across Sheila Hancock s book and experienced a strong empathy for her description of each stage of John Thaw s illness The writing is a carefully balanced mix of sadness and terrific humour The author s feisty determination shines through it is also a fascinating journey through the lives of actors and the demands of acting A really enriching book to enjoy. I got this on CD to listen to, but it is very hard going Sheila Hancock is reading it, but she keeps flipping from present time back to the war, then to the 70 sit s very difficult to follow her thought process, so I ve given up It arrived sealed, although it was described as used so someone gave up before even opening it I can understand how some reviewers on here gave up on the book She should have written it chronologically and we would then have got the chance to hear the full story.