Despite a few bad reviews onwhich I can t agree with, I agree with the vast majority of readers who found this book fascinating, and brought back loads of happy memories from childhood It arrived yesterday and I didn t want to put it down Very interesting, yes a few things are mentionedthan once , but so what It s a lovely book to read, so if you are a child from the 60s do buy it I liked the lists and the what happened to part at the end, it just helped to wrap everything up nicely Do You Remember Beatlemania Tie Dye Design Love Beads Ironing Your Hair To Make It Straight The Game Of Scully Then The Chances Are You Were Born In Or AroundTo The Young People Of Today, The S Seem Like Another Age But For Those Born Around This Time, This Era Of Childhood Is Like Yesterday From James Bond To Barbie Dolls And Frilly Shirts, Life Was Very Different To How It Is Now This Delightful Compendium Of Memories Will Appeal To All Who Grew Up In This Incredible Decade, Whether In Town Or Country, Wealth Or Poverty With Chapters On Games And Hobbies, Holidays, Music And Fashion, The Wonderful Memories And Delightful Illustrations Will Bring Back This Decade Of Childhood, And Job The Memory About All Aspects Of Life Back Then It was bought for a gift so I only skimmed through it before wrapping it up A bit too heavily weighted to the majority behaviours though There was and always will be 10% outliers at either end who don t fit into this description and unfortunately the friend I bought it for would not have recognised herself in the descriptions so the book would not have generated that familiar nostalgic feeling all through but perhaps puzzlement as to why we were all depicted as being the same All in all it makes for a good little gift which would make a nice surprise. I have already commented on the previous volume on the 1950s and much of what I said about that decade equally applies here but with obvious changes to things like TV and radio broadcasts, fashion and the rise in pop music.However, as the two decades overlap much of what we did as kids with regard to playing games, going to school and listening to radio programmes remained the same and to this end the author has lifted heavy chunks from the 1950s volume word for word and dropped them into the 1960s era book.This is not to say it is any less entertaining but if you have read the 1950s book and moved onto this one then it does come across as repetetive but will, no doubt, be interesting to readers who only have this edition.All in all a nostalgic trip down memory lane for the flower people who are now grandparents A nice book to read on a cold winter evening. A brilliant book,packed with endless details on the sixties.i found it impossible to put down,as the memories came flooding back A book that is a treasure chest to those growing up in this decade. I only have to shut my eyes to bring back the memories that Paul Feeney has prompted It has been said that if you remember the 60s you weren t there Not true A great book worthy of a read Enjoy. I got this book for my Son and daughter in law, both born in 1962, so thought i d get it for them to reminisce through the 60 s growing up. This book is a lot smaller than I expected, making it difficult to read for the older person The content is excellent but I would have preferred a larger book maybe A4 size