Dara shares an honest account of the self doubt and nerves that I think we all must have when we put ourselves out there in athletic competition Her openness about her eating disorder and other hard learned life lessons is appreciated as well as the insight about athletic performance in years past her prime From one aging athlete to any others out there looking for the inspiration to keep going, I heartily recommend this book. Dara Torres is proof that with dedication and commitment, you can meet your goals at any age Over 40, a wife, mother, successful career woman and world class athlete Wow Amazing Being an Olympian at any age takes dedication Doing it as a new mom and not exactly young by Olympic standards takes determination There needs to be Dara Torres for young women to look up to As a competitive Masters swimmer who grew up swimming in the same era as Dara, I loved this book and could relate to it in every way So many of the coaches and swimmers who make up her story are people I knew or know about so it took me back to the good ole days of age group swimming I also appreciate how she candidly shared some of the most negative aspects of sport such as undue pressure to be thin and to lose weight which is such a terrible problem because of too much focus on appearance vs health This pressure nearly killed a girl I swam with in high school who went to the University of Florida and was never overweight but they made her think she was so she ended up with anorexia Male coaches and trainers criticizing female athletes and telling them what they should weigh and how they should look has got to stop I felt such a connection to many elements of Dara s life, personality and emotions about her sport which I think any female athlete, not just a swimmer, would be able to relate to Even though she hastrainers and domestic help than most of her readers, Dara comes across as real person, who anyone could talk to, with problems ordinary people face, but yet she is extraordinary at the same time which makes you want to strive to be better yourself She also creates the excitement true competitors feel when they are about to race which makes you want to go out and do it When I finished the book, I couldn t wait to get back on the blocks again which I did the very next day This book also sends out an inspirational message to readers that there is much to be gained from competing and being active as older adults which is wonderfulandolder adults are feeling better than ever in their 40s, 50s and beyond because of healthy activity thanks, Dara, for getting the message out that getting moving is where its at because I believe that with all my heart I was told I needed to read this book I enjoyed the book so much It renewed my dream I have wanted to pursue for so long I am finally back on track, Perfect The Dara Torres story is amazing because here is a lady who made the most of her opportunities It is true that she may have had some significant advantages, but not everyone understands the value of those advantages and wastes them Dara was a great swimmer who did not take anything for granted and worked very hard for her success when otehrs would have been happy for her to fail Great story. If you ever thought that you were too old or too unfit or that time had passed you by to achieve your goals then read Dara Torres s book and find out that it really is never too late.It s an honest account of the highs and lows of competing in a young person s sport when you re old enough to be your teammates parent It also touches on the difficulties that can occur in any woman s life such as eating disorders, bereavement, relationship breakup but always with a positive message that you can change your life.If you want to do something different for yourself in the New Year than read this book and achieve your dreams. From Legendary Olympic Gold Medalist Dara Torres Comes A Motivational, Inspirational Memoir About Staying Fit, Aging Gracefully, And Pursuing Your DreamsDara Torres Captured The Hearts And Minds Of Americans Of All Ages When She Launched Her Olympic Comeback As A New Mother At The Age Of Forty One Years After She Had Retired From Competitive Swimming And Eight Years Since Her Last Olympics When She Took Three Silver Medals In Beijing Including A Heartbreaking Second Finish Behind The Gold Medalist In The Women SMeter Freestyle America Loved Her All The For Her Astonishing Achievement And Her Good Natured Acceptance Of The ResultsNow, In Age Is Just A Number, Dara Reveals How The Dream Of An Olympic Comeback First Came To Her When She Was Months Into Her First, Hard Won Pregnancy With Humor And Candor, Dara Recounts How She Returned To Serious Training While Nursing Her Infant Daughter And Contending With Her Beloved Father S Long Battle With Cancer Dara Talks Frankly About Diving Back In For This Comeback About Being An Older Athlete In A Younger Athletes Game About Competition, Doubt, And Belief About Working Through Pain And Uncertainty And Finally About Seizing The Moment And, Most Important, Never Giving Up A Truly Self Made Legend, Her Story Will Resonate With Women Of All Ages And With Anyone Daring To Entertain A Seemingly Impossible Dream