The Amazing Life Of Madness Frontman And National Treasure, SuggsSuggs Is One Of Pop Music S Most Enduring And Likeable Figures Written With The Assured Style And Wit Of A Natural Raconteur, This Hugely Entertaining And Insightful Autobiography Takes You From His Colourful Early Life On A North London Council Estate, Through The Heady Early Days Of Punk AndTone, To The Eighties, Where Madness Became The Biggest Selling Singles Band Of The Decade Along The Way He Tells You What It S Like To Grow Up In Sixties Soho, Go Globetrotting With Your Best Mates, To Make A Dead Pigeon Fly And Cause An Earthquake In Finsbury Park

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    Madness fans THIS BOOK ISN T ABOUT MADNESS There are a few interesting revelations, but it s about What made Graham MacPherson into Suggs Just thought I d start there, as it seems to be a constant complaint in other reviews.I ve read a lot people associated with 2 Tone, and this was my favourite read, because 1 It s not ghostwritten, or not much at least, because you can tell Sugg s way of speaking coming through the words 2 He doesn t big himself up, quite the opposite if anything 3 No one gets slagged Nice, easy read, plenty of anecdotes, made for holiday reading you may not learn much, but there are plenty of fact heavy books for that, this is just a pleasant few hours of company with a nice guy.

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    I had no idea that Suggs went thro so much in his early years, I knew he was a London boy as I am a London girl but did not realise he had such a hard upbringing It was very interesting to read all his lifestory and interesting to say the least to read how he became a very well known and popular pop singer after all the hassle he had in his younger days He was a naughty boy at times so that added interest to the reading mix My only complaint and I wrote to the publisher about it not had a reply tho is that he is an avid Chelsea supporter whilst I have no problem with that, he mentions that he had been to all the London football clubs with his beloved Chelsea playing league games and there are eight in total THERE ARE NINE IN TOTAL he forgot about my Mighty Eagles CRYSTAL PALACE FC he never mentioned them once and I think that should be brought up to date and altered Ha ha but a good book nonetheless, worth a read.

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    A good book I thought this book started very well It s not written like a diary, or in chronological order, which some people have complained about But I enjoyed most of the chapters in That Close The only problem for me is that it s a bit too long, should be about Madness and less about cooking and cycling in Italy however beautiful Italy undoubtedly is But overall a good read by a decent bloke.

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    Well I enjoyed the book very much I guess being a Madness fan gave it a head start.But the book wasnt consumed like a few Celebrity books I have had the misfortune to read about their success charting every boring detail along the way.Suggs wrote a book that was about his life not just a part of it.And it is fascinating because of this.It still covers Madness very well but it was his early life I enjoyed reading about most

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    so i heard Suggs promoting this book on the radio 4 or 5 i thought it sounded good so i ordered it for my husband a lover of music of all sorts when he came in from work i questioned him did you hear suggs talking about his new book etc and he said no then he followed with it wouldnt really interest me followed by but i do want the new Bill Bryson well i told him ive sent for it ok he said..well the book came and he started to read it and he couldnt put it down so buy it and read it.Madness

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    I loved this book It is a really well balanced autobiography charting the end of childhood and early musical influences, through to The Invaders and then Madness and then onto the most recent events such as the closing ceremony of the Olympics back in 2012 The author s love and knowledge of London comes across really well, especially Soho and Camden The background to different songs is documented, along with some lyrics But it is not all about the band There is also plenty about family and friends, bits of TV work and travel cycling and fishing in Italy were particularly funny to read about.

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    A very amusing and sentimental look back on Suggs life I was particularly interested to find out where in Pembs Suggs once lived having lived in Pembs myself at one point and having gone to school in Milford Loved the nutty boys since a kid and this book didn t disappoint.

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    I was doing a bit of plastering and before you know it I was on Top of the Pops That is about as inciteful as Suggs gets about the bands rise to fame but still plenty of funny and interesting anecdotes to keep you amused.