If We Can Sell Newcastle Brown To Japan, And If Wimbledon Can Make It To The First Division, There Is Surely No Achievement Beyond Our Reach Margaret ThatcherThe Crazy Gang Is The Story Of A Football Miracle Promoted To The Football League In , Wimbledon FC Was A Small Team From South London That Against The Odds Went All The Way To The Top Of The First Division, Then To Win The FA Cup, In Only Just Over A Decade With No Money, Scant Resources And A Blend Of Youth Players And Offcuts From Other Clubs, They Were Christened Rag Arse Rovers They Played Hard On The Pitch And Partied Hard Off ItDave Harry Bassett Was The Manager Who Drilled A Fierce Fighting Spirit Into His Players, An Unbreakable Team Ethos, But He Was Also An Underrated Master Tactician And Pioneer Of Innovative Training Methods Wally Downes Was The Midfield Fulcrum Of The Dons, But Also The Ringleader For The Various Acts Of Debauchery And General Silliness That Earned The Club Their ReputationIn The Crazy Gang, Harry And Wally Are Joined By A Host Of Former Wimbledon Players And Staff, Both Famous Names Like Vinnie Jones, Lawrie Sanchez And Dave Beasant, But Also Unsung Heroes In The Club S History, To Tell It As It Really Was This Is Real Football, The Way Fans Remember It, And A World Away From Multimillionaire Premier League Primadonnas

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    I have to admit I d fancied reading this book for a while.I was a teenager during the Crazy Gang s rise to the top division and I have to admit I admired them for what they did.The documentary that Wally and Harry mention in the book soured my memory of the club and the achievements but I m pleased I read the book now Because 30 odd years later I ve found out that there was to this story than what meets the eye Harry Bassett was well ahead of the game at the time although we didn t realise at the time This story will never be repeated A must read IMO.

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    As someone that used to be a bit of a hooligan season ticket holder at Plough Lane during the Crazy Gang times, I have to say I loved this book from the start to the end Some of my younger days happiest memories have been enhanced even by taking in and relating to them in one way or another.This will still be a fantastic read for anyone that remembers the fantastic and amazing rise of Wimbledon FC, even if you hated the club at the time like a lot of people did Its honest and straight to the point and with colourful language through out, but I guess thats the crazy gang all over It has true honest accounts with lot s of laugh s along the way from decent hard grafting ex footballers and managers that were just not big headed or thought they were important than they actually were.

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    Great read of the fantastic achievements of Dave Bassett and his players promotion from non league to the top of the First Division will probably never be done ever againIf you want the inside real story of Wimbledon this is a great journey Highly recommend this book

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    If you like a rags to riches story, without the money, then read this book Dave and Wally tell the inside true story of the meteoric rise of Wimbledon FC from non league to the top flight of English football.Plenty of contributions from players involved in this tale adds good flesh to the story for the better.This is what team bonding is all about Muck and bullets,warts and all.A great read,even if you are not a Dons fan.

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    Excellent Particularly good to have contributions from the unheralded players from that era Fashanu and Jones views are also there, despite the criticism of the BT film about Wimbledon that heavily involved their input and led to Bassett s response in this book The book also has fascinating tactical insights from Bassett Note to football tacticians Pressing wasn t invented by Guardiola Klopp

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    Brings to life all I ever read about Wimbleton and then some Excellent book totally different to a normal football club and all the better for it in this day of over coched players kept in hothouses They played and fought with smiles on their faces but no smiles on opponents faces

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    It seems the Crazy Gang weren t as crazy as the media portrayed them A slightly mundane read with far too much pointless waffle about this and that formation and who scored what goal and when Yawn.

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    The stories of the snarling Mr Dave Bassett and Wally Downes were good but somehow expected More craziness, episodes Story of a team built on raw talent, determination and luck An achievement likely never to achieved again