Marty Sklar Spent Fifty Four Years At Disney The First Ten At Walt S Side, And Accumulated A Lot Of Stories As Marty Tried To Answer The Most Asked Question On His Book Tours When Are You Writing Your Next Book He Mined His Memory For Stories He Hadn T Told Before In This Fresh Volume, Marty Continues To Regale Readers With Fascinating Tales From His Storied Career Spanning The Globe, Travel Along And Enjoy The Truly Fascinating Life Of This Fascinating Man Good book, great story, interesting read As someone who contributed to the book, I am biased in it s favor Having said that, there are many insightful and useful passages contributed by fellow Imagineers that I enjoyed, taking the book beyond Marty s quintessential storytelling I relished Sklar s funny anecdotes about the world s fair, some I had not heard before and as someone who knew him, that was refreshing More than anything, the letter Marty posthumously wrote to Walt, shows the deeper connection that existed between those who worked closely with Disney It wasthan a job.Eddie Sotto Former Imagineer I loved this book I enjoy reading books written by interesting people and this one was very interesting It was fun readingabout Mr Sklar s time with Walt Disney and with Imagineering.