Fearsome Wit ElleCharming BuzzfeedRidiculously Entertaining Associated PressEndearingly Honest Guardian A Collection Of Humorous Autobiographical Essays By The Academy Award Nominated Actress And Star Of Pitch Perfect, Twilight,Up In The Air, Into The Woods And Trolls Even Before She Made A Name For Herself On The Silver Screen, Anna Kendrick Was Unusually Small, Weird, Defiant, AndPer Cent Weird When She Was Thirteen, A Classmate Dropped By Her House Unexpectedly And Discovered Written Evidence Of Annas Social Ineptitude From Then On She Decided To Keep The Crazy Inside My Head Where It Belonged Forever But Heres The Thing About Crazy It Wants Out In Scrappy Little Nobody, She Invites Her Readers Inside Her Brain, Sharing Extraordinary And Charmingly Ordinary Stories With Candour And Winningly Wry Observations With Her Razor Sharp Wit, Anna Recounts The Absurdities Shes Experienced On Her Way To And From The Heart Of Pop Culture As Only She Can From Her Unusual Path To The Performing Arts Her Older Brothers Affinity For Vanilla Ice May Have Inadvertently Launched Her Career To Her Double Life As A Middle School Student Who Also Starred On Broadway To Her Initial Dating Experiments Including Only Liking Boys Who Didnt Like Her Back To The Perils Of Reading The Shining While Filming Twilight In The Isolated Canadian Wilderness To Reviewing A Binder Full Of Butt Doubles To Her Struggle To Live Like An Adult Woman Instead Of A Perpetual Man Child Enter Annas World And Follow Her Rise From Scrappy Little Nobody To Someone Who Dazzles On The Stage, The Screen, And Now The Page With An Electric, Singular Voice, At Once Familiar And Surprising, Sharp And Sweet, Funny And Serious Well, Not That Serious

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    I approached this with trepidation as autobiographies by people so young can t have much to say Can they But I was wrong Primarily because this isn t an autobiography But also because Anna has a LOT to say In interviews and social media, she always comes across as a bit of an oddball, but very perceptive and funny This piqued my initial interest in the book and it didn t disappoint Anna s sense of humour comes across very well it made me actually laugh out loud a few times and makes the book very engaging She retells her stories with an informal frankness And she departs lessons to readers without preaching The book doesn t read like an autobiography but instead like a collection of memories from somebody who feels undeserving of what they have achieved It feels as though the writing of this book was something of a cathartic release for Anna and her candid approach works very well I d recommend this book to young girls especially because Anna approaches a lot of issues they may face with brutal honesty and advice What s abundantly clear throughout the book is that Anna s a hard worker who deserves her fame She s brilliantly talented and doesn t give up As a result, she s unwittingly an ideal role model for young girls today.The one detail that made me laugh was Anna s reading list throughout the book is pretty dark The Rise of the 3rd Reich, Charles Manson s autobiography, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep and The ShiningAs a collection of memories and experiences, the book works well The book does lose it s pace towards the end and feels almost like Anna had to rush to finish it or added filler I think she recognises this herself in the chapter detailing the boat trip Irrespective, it was a great read.I m close to giving it 5 stars, but in case Anna ever stumbles across this review I don t want it to go to her head and think she nailed it on the first go.

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    Honestly best autobiography type book I have read No sugar coated rubbish, as well as sharing her journey from theatre to movies Anna writes about things you really wouldn t expect and it s extremely refreshing I would also advise any fan if you re weird, maybe feel like you don t fit in, feel like you re on your own etc READ IT, you will realise your thoughts that you should probably keep to yourself Anna has them too and writes them down I read to escape my own head, just take a glimpse into someone else s life for a few days, I was a bit gutted to have finished the book so quickly but I really needed it, and appreciate everything she wrote in the book, made me feel my weirdness is perfectly fine and it is I look forward to the next book when Anna is 70 Hope she titles it The crazy got out or something like that.

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    This is authentically Anna s voice, telling a genuine narrative about aspects of her life I like that she is so honest, witty and open, even when it might not flatter her to tell it how it was I also enjoyed how grounded she seems about the cost of living, the uncertainty of being cast in the next thing and how ephemeral fame can be She is reflective and insightful, and I felt like I got a good insight into what it is like to be an actor, but also to understand her relationships, values and sense of humour She spends a fair bit of the book expressing her bafflement about celebrity culture and expectations, which made me feel like she is my kind of person, but I felt that sense of connection even so when she is talking about her refreshingly low key sex positive feminism, body consciousness and using the ocasional swear word.All told it is an engaging and real autobiography, that contrasts with the reams of polished, ghost written and preachy biogs that are out there If you like her twitter, and or the characters she plays in films then you ll probably like this It was a genuinely enjoyable and engaging read I was stuck for an hour in my car on a cold day before an appointment at the passport office, and from the moment I picked up this book it went in such a flash I was almost late

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    As a 99p Kindle Deal of the Day a couple of days after I saw Pitch Perfect, it was pretty much fated that I would buy its charming star s memoir Billed as a collection of autobiographical essays , this was a light hearted enough read but shot through with bolts of resonance Like this one, which I screenshot to keep on my phone And YET, I always think, This is my year It s like this Tyler Durden style feeling that I m so close I m so close to being a real person I m so close to making time for friends and family I m so close to being able to take out the trash without checking that none of my neighbours are outside because small talk makes me feel like the world is on fire I m so close to being wonderful.

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    Very rare that I give a book 5 out of 5, but if Anna Kendrick ever gets tired of acting I think she has a very good chance of jumping into a new career as I writer I m not a big reader of biographies or autobiographies but this one struck me as appearing quite humourous and I was right.This is not just a book about acting or trying to get into acting It deals with so much The stress of growing up, the anxieties that many teenagers face, drinking, availability of drugs and I think ultimately something most of us seek long into adulthood, who we are and where do we belong.I couldn t put it down and laughed and smiled the whole way through Anna shows the pressures on family and herself from childhood acting all the way to her current hollywood status but in an entertaining and relatable way.

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    I don t usually read autobiographies, especially of people who are young because don t they still have their life ahead of them However Anna Kendrick is one of my favourite actresses so when I saw this book on special offer I decided to give it a try I m pleased I did It s not a normal autobiograph, it felt like a chat with a friend I m really pleased that I bought this book and thoroughly enjoyed reading it.