Very disappointed Been an MC fan for years Just found it boring, predictable and guessed whodunnit from a few chapters in Bring back, The Take, Lady killers etc. Very disappointed it was boring no proper story to it Very short story didn t have any suspense because there were very few Characters so could gues the outcome Sabotaged by gangland, Ms Cole simply cannot extricate herself from the 1960 s criminal scene At least the face yawn. is retired so at least most of the ancient gang stories are historic If it was not it would be seriously out of place within social media dominated UK of today I had hoped to avoid the usual repetitions but NO yes time to enjoy melon scratcher, swallow your knob, poke et al for the millionth time So tedious and out of context for 21st century.Her knowledge of UK policing and the attendant code of ethics is sadly lacking Again the time warp of the sixties skews her account of a modern investigation.I bought the book for 4.99 so worth a punt as Cole is a good story teller But I say to other potential purchasers, spend that sum on another novel Plenty of good crime writers out there, time for Cole to do a lump and have time to reconsider her writing career Kate s back in the saddle and boy does she need an excuse to get out of the house Patrick is his typical smooth charming self and happy to be by Kate s side Joseph turns up and is somewhat of an enigma and very well turned out as a city slicker Without giving too much away for those who ve not read this book yet, it picks up very easily from where it was left.Bella is a certain materialistic kind of wife who sees Christine as a real dangerous threat to her life Things take a dramatic turn and Joseph is left to pick up the pieces, but rather prefers to let his Patrick do this for him.A funny, sad, yet captivating story which had compelled to keep going Well done on another great book, a thoroughly good read and great to see Kate back So read this after having given up on MC some time ago I find her books repetitive and each book identical to the last I downloaded this as I loved her earlier work and in particular liked both Kate and Patrick I found the beginning and middle great and then i got to the very abrupt end I was extremely disappointed and felt that MC had simply run out of steam If I read so many times about Kate Burrow and her creds I wanted to scream Does MC get paid per word Again very repetitive Also didn t like Kate at the end, she rocked up and saved the day and that was the end of it Kate s attitude towards her friend and colleague was pretty awful considering her knowledge of Pats nefarious and criminality, I felt she was in no position to take the moral high ground Disappointed and I think the so called queen of crime needs to step aside, far better authors deserving of the title. Just finished reading the latest Martina Cole,I have read all her books and I can honestly say it is the most boring book I have ever read,going knowhere very short and expensive.Would not recommend this to anyone,a poor read. Same old, same old unfortunately Martina s early books are certainly her best Damaged seem to keep repeating itself throughout and suddenly ended as soon as Kate became involved in the case Read it all before in other books sadly With The Return Of Some Of Her Best Loved Characters And Lashings Of Her Usual Grit, Cole Fans Will Lap This Up HeatDamaged Is The Explosive New Novel From Sunday Times No Bestseller Martina Cole, Author Of Dangerous Lady, The Ladykiller And Betrayal Iconic Heroine DCI Kate Burrows Returns In A Blistering Thriller You Won T Be Able To Put Down This Killer Has Only Just BegunDCI Kate Burrows Might Be Retired, But When The Bodies Of Missing Schoolgirls Start Turning Up In Grantley, She S The First Person DCI Annie Carr Calls For HelpLife For Kate And Ex Gangster Patrick Kelly Is Thrown Into Chaos When His Long Lost Son Turns Up Out Of The Blue, Bringing Trouble With Him This New Case Could Be Just What Kate NeedsBut As The Body Count Grows, Kate And Annie Face A Race Against The ClockWithout Any Clear Leads, Can They Stop The Killer Before Another Schoolgirl Dies