I m on a bit of a reviewing spree at the moment, having realised I ve read all these brilliant books and not reviewed any of them When it comes to I Am, I Am, I Am, however, I feel unusually lost for words I mean, it s amazing If you re thinking about buying it then don t waste another moment just do it and read straightaway But I only bought it because I d booked a ticket to see Maggie O Farrell discuss it with Cathy Rentzenbrink at this year s Hay Festival, so thought I should read the book I must confess, I d tried reading Maggie O Farrell a few years ago My Lover s Lover and didn t finish that novel I can t quite remember why but suspect it wasto do with my attention span at the time than the quality of the writing Once I d started reading I Am, I Am, I Am, I couldn t stop As soon as I finished reading it, I read O Farrell s first novel After You d Gone and was equally hooked.At Hay, O Farrell said that she thinks chronology is a tryranny and this is evident in her two books I ve read so far clearly I m working my way through the rest now She has a real gift for telling a story in episodes out of chronological order, and she trusts her reader to fill in the gapsthan any other writer I ve come across.I don t often read memoirs there are so many fiction books I want to read first but I Am, I Am, I Am is well worth making an exception for And I am convinced that Maggie O Farrell s survival instinct, which seems at times to rely heavily on an abnormally high level of empathy, is instrinsically linked to her astonishing talent as a novelist. THE SUNDAY TIMES NOBESTSELLER, AND BOOK OF THE YEAR IN THE SUNDAY TIMES, THE TIMES, GUARDIAN, IRISH TIMES, OBSERVER, REDand THE TELEGRAPHLonglisted For The Wellcome Book PrizeI AM, I AM, I AM Is A Memoir With A Difference The Unputdownable Story Of An Extraordinary Woman S Life In Near Death Experiences Insightful, Inspirational, Intelligent, It Is A Book To Be Read At A Sitting, A Story You Finish Newly Conscious Of Life S Fragility, Determined To Make Every Heartbeat CountA Childhood Illness She Was Not Expected To Survive A Teenage Yearning To Escape That Nearly Ended In Disaster A Terrifying Encounter On A Remote Path A Mismanaged Labour In An Understaffed Hospital Shocking, Electric, Unforgettable, This Is The Extraordinary Memoir From Costa Novel Award Winner And Sunday Times Bestselling Author Maggie O Farrell It Is A Book To Make You Question Yourself What Would You Do If Your Life Was In Danger, And What Would You Stand To Lose I AM, I AM, I AM Will Speak To Readers Who Loved Cheryl Strayed S WILD Or Max Porter S GRIEF IS THE THING WITH FEATHERS I listened to this as an audio book even though I do have the hardback as well I loved this memoir At times it is like listening to poetry, at times it is like a very candid and intimate interview with Maggie and at others, it is like an insightful discussion about health, the medical profession, families and love O Farrell s honesty and bravery with this book is commendable and it had me engaged throughout There were moments I stopped in my tracks to listen, moments that made me cry and passages that were just such fantastic examples of exemplarily writing it was impossible not to reach for the book and reread the words Despite its personal and intimate nature, there is plenty in this book that will echo or resonant with readers everywhere and although it is reflective and mesmerising, there are thoughts and comments here that are hugely affecting O Farrell talks about her own brushes with death but in doing so touches issues which are universal and will make everyone ponder about their own actions, near death escapes and moments when life has hung in the balance or a decision could have resulted in differing outcomes I was incredible moved by this book and want to read the physical copy too O Farrell is an incredible writer and I loved being completely absorbed in her words, and through listening to this book her use of imagery and lyrical language was a really quite hypnotic and perhaps apowerful way to experience such a sensory book about her mind, her body and her heart The narration was also exceptional and the reader s voice as beautiful to listen to as the words she read Perfect choice.