Nobel Peace Prize Winner And Bestselling Author Malala Yousafzai Introduces Some Of The Faces Behind The Statistics And News Stories We Read Or Hear Every Day About The Millions Of People Displaced WorldwideMalala S Experiences Visiting Refugee Camps Caused Her To Reconsider Her Own Displacement First As An Internally Displaced Person When She Was A Young Child In Pakistan, And Then As An International Activist Who Could Travel Anywhere In The World, Except To The Home She Loved In We Are Displaced, Which Is Part Memoir, Part Communal Storytelling, Malala Not Only Explores Her Own Story Of Adjusting To A New Life While Longing For Home, But She Also Shares The Personal Stories Of Some Of The Incredible Girls She Has Met On Her Various Journeys Girls Who Have Lost Their Community, Relatives, And Often The Only World They Ve Ever Known In A Time Of Immigration Crises, War And Border Conflicts, We Are Displaced Is An Important Reminder From One Of The World S Most Prominent Young Activists That Every Single One Of TheMillion Currently Displaced Is A Person Often A Young Person With Hopes And Dreams, And That Everyone Deserves Universal Human Rights And A Safe Home

8 thoughts on “We Are Displaced: My Journey and Stories from Refugee Girls Around the World - From Nobel Peace Prize Winner Malala Yousafzai

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    This amazing, courageous and inspiring young woman has put together a forceful appeal on behalf of people displaced by war or any of the other evils perpetrated by the human race against its vulnerable members She uses the accounts of fellow displaced people and her own experiences to stress that they all have the same desire as the rest of us to realise our full potential Her indefatigable support for the education of girls which nearly cost her her life is evident throughout.

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    What can I say, I enjoyed reading this book It features different people from different places but with one thing in common wanting a better life and future for themselves.As an economic migrant, I like my new home but my hearts bleeds for my beloved country I felt every single person in this book feels the same.In some parts I shed tears I stopped reading the book for a week then resumed after that I see refugees in a different light now.

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    Brilliant book Everyone should read this to understand what refugees have to endure and why they have to leave their countries sad but inspiring too

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    This is a great book to read, opened my eyes to what refugees actually go through Worst just how many refugees there are in the world

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    This book really captures the heartache of being displaced It gives us a great picture of the turmoil those who are displaced, have to g o through It also helps us all to see how best we can support those who have been displaced.

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    I recommend this book to anyone who cares about the plight of girls who are forced to become refugees.

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    Beautiful book, simply told.