I really enjoyed this book Kept me riveted very good story and very well written Definitely worth a read , This quirky book is translated from Swedish Ostensibly simple, it has hidden depths and dark corners The narrator is called Carolina as is the author which might be thought slightly worrying since her husband, Aksel, dies in the first few pages There are then two narratives which run alongside each other One is the story of their relationship from first meeting and the other is the days, weeks and months of bereavement after his death The other key character is the couple s son, Ivan, a difficult baby.Both narratives are slow moving and pictured in great detail Carolina is able to pick up the finest details and nuances in situations so events are meticulously observed and the level of introspection draws the reader into her head That is where the book gets into another level of being interesting because her mind is a strange place To a detached observer following the development of this relationship, Aksel appears almost aspergic, unable to commit, needing space to process his life, not keen on having and sharing a child and unable to control his own work life balance to the extent that exhaustion may contribute to his premature heart attack and death Carolina doesn t see it like this She constantly projects her own world view onto external circumstances where it doesn t entirely fit She almost bludgeons Aksel into allowing her to become pregnant but she has this constant ability to see them as a happy family in the making It makes for quite an uneasy narrative because there are clues in what Carolina recalls about the relationship which kind of suggest it wasn t like that at all except in her head After he dies, everything is seen from her perspective It s an intense and detailed portrayal of the bereavement cycle People bring help, support and assistance and you don t get much impression that she appreciates this Somehow she comes across as self obsessed as much as grieving but maybe that is how bereavement works driving you in on yourself Towards the end of the novel she meets a man offering the potential of a loving family relationship but events go wrong in her head not seemingly in real life and she turns him down She is left with Ivan He has been hard work as a baby but I was inclined to feel sorry for him growing up The clever bit about the unfolding of this narrative is that Carolina never appears as a villain, clumsy or even misintentioned What we see is simply how her view of the world unfolds and there is something uneasy in how that relates to reality It s very clever for an author to bring this across and it is what makes the book stand out from the popular partner dies and woman learns to stand on her own two feet and find true love trope.I m not sure all readers will get this or even find it in the novel and perhaps I m simply reading too much into it but, regardless, it s well worth reading and is a narrative that stays with you afterwards Let s Hope for the Best is published by Bloomsbury Circus Thanks to the publishers and NetGalley for an advance copy in exchange for fair review. An honest book about loss I love the way Carolina writes and even though I already knew her story I couldn t put the book down Definitely read this book and don t take anything for granted in life. This book is definitely not one I would usually read It s not a traditional novel and it s not a traditional autobiography but a mix of the two and one that is strangely compelling It is a beautiful, poignant look at grief in all its stages and how one copes with the sudden death of a partner and the task of raising a baby alone The book flips between present day and past until the two converge I liked the flair with which this was done I think it added to build up of loss, being able to look back, be in the present and examine the relationship between Carolina and Aksel..It is very sad but brings with it hope that is genuine as the tale is so down to earth and real For anyone mourning the loss of a loved one, for struggling with bereavement, for trying to start again, or for those who have experienced loss through divorce and found themselves a single parent, this story will bring to life all the emotions one can feel and identify with.Powerful in its honesty it is a memoir of one couple s love and how Carolina slowly and painfully learnt to come to terms with the fact that her partner was no longer alive. Set in Sweden this brutally honest book tells of Carolina s grief after the sudden death of her partner Askel Carolina finds it difficult to cope with the aftermath as she never really found closure due to no definitive cause of death She is left with a small baby and obviously has so many different emotions including guilt and inadequacy to work through Carolina becomes instantlyprotective over her son Ivan as she learns to be both Mum and Dad to him.As the story progresses we move on to the enviable of meeting someone new, this relationship is also thwart with obstacles so Carolina is clearly not ready to move on yet.This debut is not a cosy read but honesty had me hooked from the start even with its painful sections.My thanks to Net Galley for the ARC This is my own opinion of this book. I Think The World Should Read It LISA TADDEO, AUTHOR OF THREE WOMEN Brutally Candid The Most Compelling Book I Ve Read In Years THE TIMES It S Impossible Not To Draw Comparisons With Karl Ove Knausgaard, But There Is A Unique Voice Here, A Style Of Disclosure All Her Own, Incidentally Beautifully Translated I Absolutely Loved It EVENING STANDARD Every Spare, Controlled Sentence Has The Ring Of Truth Gripping DAILY MAIL The Last Night, I Fall Asleep Believing We Have Thousands Of Days Ahead Of Us We Don T This Night Is Our Last NightOne Evening, Carolina Says Good Night To Her Partner, Aksel Things Have Been Tough For Both Of Them Recently, Especially With An Eight Month Old Son To Raise So When Aksel Dies Unexpectedly In The Night, Carolina S World Is Turned Upside DownBased On The Author S Own Experiences, Let S Hope For The Best Details The Small Moments Of Life Before And After Tragedy It S A Story About Motherhood, Family And The Difficulties Of Loving Someone Who Is Distant, And Then Who Is Gone Brave And Unsparing, Packed With Emotion And Humanity, It Is About How The Life We Envisage For Ourselves Can Be Altered In An InstantWhat If One Moment Changed Everything You Ve Ever Known