I also bought the audio version, as I knew I wouldn t have time to read because of my hectic work schedule I listened to it at work I found myself crying and laughing Hearing Pinky or Yakko come out every so often brought a laugh and smile at just the right time Rob Paulsen is an AWESOME voice actor whom I look up to as I study the craft Thank you for this book. Rob Paulsen Is One Of Hollywood S Busiest, Most Talented, And Most Passionate Performers If You Don T Know Him By Name, You Will Know Him By The Many Characters He Has Brought To Life Pinky From Pinky And The Brain And Yakko From Animaniacs, The Tough, But Loveable, Raphael From The Original Animated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, And ManySo, You Can Imagine How Terrifying It Must Have Been When Rob Was Diagnosed With Throat Cancer, Putting His Entire Livelihood In Jeopardy And Threatening To Rob The World Of All His Loveable Characters That Filled Our Youth And Adulthood With Humor And Delight Voice Lessons Tells The Heartwarming And Life Affirming Story Of Rob S Experience With An Aggressive Cancer Treatment And Recovery Regimen, Which Luckily Led To A Full Recovery Rob Quickly Returned To Doing What He Loves Most, But With A Much Deeper Appreciation Of What He Came So Close To Losing His New Lease On Life Inspired Him To Rededicate Himself To His Fans, Particularly The New Friends He Made Along The Way Hundreds Of Sick Children And Their Families Rob Said It Best Himself I Can Not Only Continue To Make A Living, But Make A Difference, And I Can T Wait To Use That On The Biggest Scale That I Can Disclaimer I did buy this because I am a huge Rob Paulsen fan.But, as I read it, I learned so, so muchYes, about Rob, but also about many other voice actors that don t always get the credit they deserve , the animation industry, and most importantly, kindness, faith, and laughter even in the face of incredible situations.If you want to hear the words straight from Rob, including his awesome characters, pick up the Audible version. I just finished reading Paulsen s Voice Lessons What a terrific read, and a moving story to boot As an actor I found myself identifying with Rob s journey the dreams, the rejections, the successes all of it I found Rob s authenticity in relating his story to be profound and a great encouragement to anyone one who has every tried their hand at show business Ultimately to see the heart of Rob exposed in his deep caring for others and finding that his passion and his art truly does make a difference in this world Thanks for keeping it real Chuck Neighbors the guy on page 18 Mr Paulsen is a really cool guy Wish my dad was as cool as him From his humble beginnings in Michigan to the studios of California, he gives a first hand account of his life and how he got his start in the voice business I haven t met him yet but I hope to someday Mr Paulsen gives us accounts of his encounters with various wonderful people, including his Pinky and The Brain co star Maurice Moe LaMarche and his Animaniacs co stars Jess Harnell and Tress MacNeille He even discusses the plans to bring back Animaniacs after a long hiatus I always wondered what the lives of voice artists were like but not in a nosy sense and what they did when they weren t voicing cartoon characters Mr Paulsen is also a selfless survivor who makes many people, especially the underdogs, feel loved and understood It wasn t easy but he made it after all This book inspires me to pursue my own dreams and create a lasting legacy to be shared with the world.I ve got to say thank you, Mr Paulsen and Mr Fleeman for such a beautiful book I read it in the span of just a few days and enjoyed every moment More voice artist biographies like this, please You may not know much about Rob Paulsen, but you undoubtedly know about the iconic characters he has breathed life into over thirty five plus years as a voice actor They include Ninja Turtles Raphael and Donatello, Yakko Warner and Pinky from Animaniacs, Carl Wheezer from Jimmy Neutron, and Snowball from Rick his own.I cannot recommend this book highly enough Do yourself a favor and order one for yourself At the very least, you can use it to prop up the leg on that wobbly table or chair