Coaching For Life Is An Autobiographic Journey Into The Mind And Heart Of A Remarkable Man In His Own Well Chosen Words Coach Annacone Describes His Life As Player, Coach And The Friend Of Many Who Love And Work In The Field Of Tennis This Exceptional Story Is Full Of Anecdotes And Exciting Passages Of Dynamic Play And Deep Concentration From Pete Sampras And Roger Federer, To Name Only Two Of The Many Intimate Portraits Revealed Here In The Words Of Paul Annacone Coaching For Life Is Not About The Sport Of Tennis As Much As It Is A Process Oriented Journey Based On The Sport Of Tennis It Is The Life I Have Lived, And The Front Row Seat From Which I Have Watched Some Of The Greatest Players Compete On The Most Majestic Courts In The World But It Is Also Something That Can Be Applied To Our Own Day To Day LifeIn This Revelatory Book Tennis Becomes The Perfect Metaphor For Life In Explaining How To Play With Perseverance, Rather Than Luck, Coach Annacone Speaks For All Of Us Students, Teachers, Business Pros, Homemakers, Parents, Journeymen And Women Of All Kinds, Knowledge Seekers And Athletes On The Cutting Edge Of Their Chosen Game, Whatever That Game May BeAristotle Once Said It This Way We Are What We Repeatedly Do Excellence, Therefore, Is Not An Act, But A HabitWe Can Always Do Better But It Is Best To Do Our Best, Says The Author Of This Clear And Positive Paradigm For Playing, Living And Being Yourself At Your BestThe Champions Way As Clarified By The World Greats Of Tennis Always Comes Down To The Basic Truth Of The Following Universal Annacone PrinciplesWork Not Only Hard But Smart Commit And Refine Your Process Prepare For And Accept Adversity Strengthen Your Game And See It Clearly Take Pride In Your Resilience And Reap The Reward