The Extraordinary Real Stories That Inspired The Major BBC Series Have You Ever Illegally Downloaded A DVD Taken Drugs Fallen For A Phishing Scam Organised Crime Is Part Of All Our Worlds Often Without Us Even Knowing McMafia Is A Journey Through The New World Of International Organised Crime, From Gunrunners In Ukraine To Money Launderers In Dubai, By Way Of Drug Syndicates In Canada And Cyber Criminals In Brazil This Edition Comes With A New Introduction And Epilogue From Author Misha Glenny Author Misha Glenny Biography Glenny Is A Distinguished Investigative Journalist And Historian As The Central Europe Correspondent First For The Guardian And Then For The BBC, Glenny Chronicled The Collapse Of Communism And The Wars In The Former Yugoslavia He Has Won Several Major Awards For His Work, Including The Sony Gold Award For Outstanding Contribution To Broadcasting And Is The Author Of Five Books, Including The Acclaimed McMafia And DarkMarket

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    I bought this book thinking it would be the fictional work behind the current TV series How surprised was I to see that it is a factual account of the seeds of much of what has gone wrong with many societies, rooted in the fall of the Soviet republic A fascinating, detailed, and depressing read The TV series is far to close to the truth.

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    Misha Glenny s book illustrates the cost to the world of corruption and crime not just in terms of money but hope, equality and health both mental as well as physical Enormously depressing in it s realism.

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    This book confirms what most of us think The governments of every country turn a blind eye to the underworld to survive and prosper for their own GDP Brilliant book Well researched an written.

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    Incredibly detailed and well researched this book is fascinating readingIf you re interested in how and why people get involved in organised crime check it outThe author makes a fine case for opening up the shadow economy to prevent capital flight and replace lost revenue of the state

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    This book was apparently the inspiration for a recent major BBC drama series with an eponymous title , depicting Russian criminal gangs based in the UK and operating globally.Whereas the drama focused on a certain Russian family, the book covers a wide range of organised criminal gangs worldwide, including Eastern Europe, Russia, Israel, India, Africa, etc They are engaged in all sorts of illegal activities, including drug trafficking, human women trafficking, commodity smuggling, cyber crime, etc.It is amazing how pervasive and profitable organised crime is These criminals appear to be able to operate globally with impunity, affecting a large number of people The author does not give any suggestion how to tackle the problems One wonders how can authorities control them My own impression is that there is not much they can do and are prepared to do about them.

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    This appears to be a very well researched and written book on global organised crime The publisher should get a slap for wilfully presenting it as the book of the BBC fictional series BUT put that to one side This is a great read on how it is in a number of countries around the world Important reading IMO About half the book is dedicated to the criminal political complex that describes how Russia structures and does business which favours the chums of the FSB It also raises serious questions regarding the UK s accommodation of Russian inward investment in UK property and businesses using money of extremely dodgy provenance which has come to light in the Snowden leaks and the Panama papers after the book was written

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    If you thought terrorism was the biggest risk to the Western world you really need to read this book This is the fact behind the fictitious tv series and it will make your head swim The breadth of criminality and the almost unimaginable amounts of money involved is eye watering, and the brilliant Mr Glenny writes like an author of thrillers Can t recommend this book too much.

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    Misha Glenny is a superb investigative journalist, organised crime at the scale Glenny is reporting on is amazing, truly a very revealing book.