It Is The Intensity Of The Football, Of How The People Live Football In Liverpool, All The Liverpool Fans Around The World It Is Not A Normal Club, It Is A Special Club Jurgen KloppAs Innovative As Arsene Wenger And As Crowd Pleasing As Jose Mourinho, Jurgen Klopp Is The Charismatic German Manager Who Single Handedly Overthrew The Accepted Order In German Football, Taking Borussia Dortmund From Nowhere To Back To Back Bundesliga Titles And The Champions League Final He Had Long Been Admired In The Premiership And Was Finally Wooed By Liverpool In The Belief He Could Bring Back The Glory Days To The Kop Klopp Is Revered As A Master Tactician With His Own Unique Playing Philosophies Like Counter Pressing And Spatial Geometry He Is Loved By His Players For His Passion And Man Management Skills, And Adored By The Media And Fans Alike For His Disarming Wit And Charm And Exciting Football On The Pitch Here Is The Definitive Story Of Jurgen Klopp The Normal One And His Footballing Genius It is only a personal thing but reading a biography when a person is still in his career is always a bit strange. It takes you the career of Jurgen Klopp as a footballer and manager There is not for me enough of Jurgen the human. Great onsite into the origins of klopp the early years and what forged him into the man he is today at Liverpool.Great read for football fans not just Reds into a top managers road and thoughts by those who worked with or under him, Apart from his passion of football, this book expresses Jurgen Klopp, as a normal and sensible human being Enjoyable to read and fun to absorb. Waste of money if you want some any information on Liverpool, the players or matches.Too much information on early life, which should of been covered in a chapter.Given to charity shop. Bought as a present for a family member who supports Liverpool the book was received with hearty thanks and the feedback for the contents has been very positive I would recommend to family and friends. A great read about JK, a lot of Humility shown by a very successful Football Manager.A very interesting story of his modest background and strong family values.Quite a few funny stories about well known German Footballers. I did buy book for partner originally who is life long fan of Liverpool and he enjoyed it I read it after as I m a fan of Liverpool and the Boss himself too.It was interesting and humorous, Its strange reading a biography when they are still actively involved in football and maybe he should have waited till he retired So could get full disclosure of his career, but I guess that it means a second book could be written now Still it s a recommended good read.