The Next Stage Meant That There Was No Going Back An Irish Prisoner Stepped Forward And Slipped A Blade Into My Hand I Felt The Ice Cold Metal And Pressed It Against The Governor S Cheek I Thought To Myself Would They Ever Release Me After This Bobby Cummines Was OnlyWhen He Passed Through The Grim Gates Of Parkhurst, Britain S Alcatraz, As A Category A Prisoner With A Host Of Crimes To His Name Joining The Most Notorious Gangsters And Criminals Of The Day From The Krays, The Yorkshire Ripper And Charles Bronson, To High Ranking Members Of The IRA Nothing Could Have Prepared Him For The Brutal Regime, Violent Convicts, Vindictive Screws And Riots On The Inside It S The Story Of Britain S Most Hellish Prison, From One Of Its Hardest Inmates

8 thoughts on “The Parkhurst Years: My Time Locked Up with Britain’s Most Notorious Criminals

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    I LOVED this book I couldn t put it down I am in ore of people who completely turn their lives around These people were born in an era of go without or turn to crime in post war London Their lives makes fascinating reading I hadn t read his other book I m not a gangster so I ve bought it to read back to front as it were, it being his first book I recommend this if you like to hear of times hone by and crime.

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    I actually heard the author being interviewed on the radio and thought he sounded quite interesting and as I m not averse to reading the odd hard man book, I thought I d give it a go In fairness, unlike some of this genre, the guy doesn t just bang on endlessly about how he was the East End s hardest man and it does offer some interesting insights into prion life particularly during his period of incarceration which coincided with legends such as the Krays and Richardsons and their gang members However the writing is largely unengaging and with some exceptions not overly informative.

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    A general introduction to life in prison, from an armed robber and hitman.Cummines offers thumbnail sketches of some of the characters with whom he was incarcerated He tends to avoid in depth observation and analysis, which I found disappointing For comparison, I have found Norman Parker to be a very interesting source of analysis of fellow inmates and prison staff alike.Cummines story is an uplifting one, in that he manages to turn his life around and become a straight goer.A book for the bedside tableor perhaps the loo.

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    Most of the books I read are sport biographies, as sport is my passion, but they all follow the same theme I wanted a change and want to read about nobody s who have done great things or have a great story Like other reviewers I didn t realise this was a follow up book and maybe the first book is the blockbuster I was disappointed in this book, it tends to move too fast over things and there was nothing in it that had me gripped A few interesting characters but falls well short If you want to read about crimes then this is definitely not the book for you It s an easy read with short chapters and only took me a few days to read but that wasn t because I couldn t put it down, that I wanted to finish it to move on to another book.

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    Very well put together account of prison life from one who knows and has known the celebrity cons.Great read at any time

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    excellent book

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    Not bad written book but have read better

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    Good read.