You must read this book, unbelievable what goes on or did go on,I couldn t put it down, literally read it in a day and half.I found this book , in a review in the daily mail. Fascinating book., Well written And it s shocking how badly the author was treated by the council. When Peter Everett accepted a job as Superintendent of Southwark Mortuary, he soon found he d taken on a lotthan a run down building with funding issues and a host of outdated equipment he d also lumbered himself with a well established tradition of corruption and bribery.With its subtitle, Death and Dirty Dealing in a London Morgue, Peter Everett s tale of pre DNA post mortems is packed with thrilling, gruesome and often very poignant accounts of his work with Scotland Yard s Murder Squad, as they strive to explain sudden deaths, violent attacks and bloody murders The author also recounts his fight to end the corruption within the service and his efforts to stay sane in a highly stressful job A captivating account that will thrill anyone interested in the reality of what happens on the pathologist s slab.The audiobook is superbly narrated Mark Elstob, who interprets Everett s words in a thoughtful and sensitive manner. I got this book from my local library and am so glad I did What a fantastic insight into the macabre world of the professionals that deal with the deceased absolutely gripping i read it in 2 sittings and would highly recommend Sadly, the corruption didnt surprise me, nor did the lack of support from the council who basically threw this poor author under the bus I hope he finds eternal happiness and gains huge satisfaction from a fantastic, well written, informative book. A Seriously Eye Opening Memoir Sunday Sport In , Peter Everett Landed The Job As Superintendent Of Southwark Mortuary In Just Six Years He D Gone From Lowly Assistant To Running The UK S Busiest Murder Morgue He Couldn T Believe His Luck