I read this book on holiday and was interested to read all the many different roles Prue Leith has undertaken she isn t just a cook Fascinating read. The Eye Opening Story Of One Woman S Incredible Appetite For Life The Memoirs Of Prue Leith, Judge Of C S GREAT BRITISH BAKE OFF And Former Judge Of BBC S GREAT BRITISH MENU Now Fully Revised And Updated, Including Prue Falling In Love And Marrying Again In Her S What A Terrific Tale It Is Of A South African Girl Who Could Stand The Heat And Made The Kitchen Into A Remarkable Career TelegraphPrue Leith Describes Herself As Greedy In All Senses Of The Word Cook, Caterer, Restaurateur, Food Writer, Journalist, Novelist, Businesswoman, Teacher, Television Presenter, Charity Worker, Lover, Wife And Mother, She Has Certainly Been Greedy For Life Prue Came To London In The Early S And, Not Long Afterwards, Opened Leith S Restaurant By The Mid Seventies She Was A Food Columnist On The Daily Mail, Had Published Several Cookbooks And Opened Leith S School Of Food And Wine But It Wasn T All Work Prue Writes With Honesty Of Her Love Life, Her Longing For Children, The Birth Of Her Son, The Adoption Of Her Daughter And Much Else Besides In This Fully Revised And Updated Edition She Tells Of How She Met, Fell In Love With And Married John Playfair As Well As Her Exciting New Role As A Judge On Great British Bake Off Prue S Down To Earth Attitude To Life And Her Remarkable Energy Are An Inspiration To Anyone Funny, very inspiring and engaging Quite a good book that comes across as honest and from someone full of life, that has taken every chance life has put in front of her I liked Prue Leith and quite admire her now after reading her biography. I have already reviewed this, she is a very good writer and I will be buyingof her books She has led an interesting life. I had a picture of Prue Leith in mind but the book completely altered this This lady worked so hard to establish herself and along the route she clearly had good luck and fortune, both vital for business success Once she married, her husband took over the business side and the accounts and she was able to concemtrate on the food side, this she does best Together they were then a team and it was extremely interesting to read how things progressed over the years A good and interesting read. Prue Leith is an excellent writer with a lot to tell the reader from her early years in South Africa, her first sexual experiences and her 13 year old affair with her mothers best friend s husband She writes about her catering businesses whether it was cooking in the early years for dinner parties or mass catering for conferences when a member of her staff mixed warm Coronation Chicken with cold and gave a number of guests food poisoning There is certainlyto Prue than I ever imagined and quite inspirational. This was a fascinating read and I loved every page of it Prue has had a colourful, priviledged and exciting life and her tales are hugely enjoyable She comes across a someone very down to earth, practical and likeable the kind of person you d enjoy having lunch with as she regaled you with stories I really enjoyed the mix of personal and business life that she talks about. Didn t know much about Prue Leith but have enjoyed watching her on Bake Off so thought I would try her autobiography Turns out she is a very interesting lady who has had a very interesting life Book is very well written and a thoroughly enjoyable read.