The Hardback Of This First And Authorised Biography Received Very Good Reviews And Immediately Reprinted It Tells The Story Of One Of The Heroines Of Post War British Comedy, On Radio, Film And TV Hattie Jacques Is Known As The Billowing, Imposing Matron In The Carry On Films, As The Star Of Such BBC Radio Classics As ITMA, Educating Archie And Hancock S Half Hour, And As The Fictional Sister Of Eric Sykes In His Long Running TV Sitcom But The Formidable, Frumpy Galleon In Full Sail Screen Persona Could Not Have Been At Odds With The Real Life Woman, As This Biography Reveals For The First Time She Had A Tempestuous Wartime Affair With An American Officer, And Then A Strange Marriage To The Actor John Le Mesurier Corporal Wilson In Dad S Army Whose Dissatisfactions She Circumnavigated By Moving Her Lover, A Flashy Cockney Car Dealer, Into The Matrimonial Home But As Well As Being Warm And Sexy And Generous She Was Also, Owing To Her Lifelong Struggle With Her Weight, Needy And Melancholic, And Rueful That Her Size Persistently Typecast Her And Excluded Her From Many Roles This Biography Has Been Written With Full Co Operation From Hattie S Son, And Show Business Friends Like Barbara Windsor, Clive Dunn, Galton And Simpson And Ian Carmichael

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    An inofromative and well written book on a famous comedy star of radio, television and especially Carry On films Although an authorised biography, it is rather candid about her life and loves We learn about her early childhood, her family of origin, her early success as a stage performer and her marriage to John Le Messeurer Filling out this picture is her affiair with a US serviceman during Woirld War II and her affair with a younger man while still married These aspects of her private life help outline the picture of a woman who srtuggled with obesity and its attendant health problems all her adult life Due to her weight, she stopped appearing in the Carry On series as insurers considered her too great a risk Although her weight restricted her career and limited the roles she could play, she still made the most of her talents In this work, she comes across as a warm and hosptiable individual as in the case of her follow Carry On performers where she was at various times a confidant, support and even a mother figure A fine summary of a memorable screen performer.

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this It really took me back as I have watched carry on films from an early age and still watch them over and over again on Gold tv channel, I practically know the scripts now I love the characters in these films this book mentions lots of them and provides a real insight into their relationships with Hattie I won t give away any of the happenings so I don t spoil it for those not read it yet but there are surprising facts about her marriage to John Le Mesurier not what I thought or had heard at all and this book tells it like it was because Hattie s son has been involved in giving info for the book I ve given this 4 stars because I would have liked some photos, there aren t any Ok I know what Hattie looks like but I would have liked to have seen pics from shows and films also, there are numerous actors mentioned and some didn t seem familiar but when I looked up on computer and saw their photos I did know who they were, just not by name so if pictures in the book I wouldn t have had to interrupt the reading flow Also it s 4stars because there s just one area where the book lags a bit It was easy reading from the start very easy to get into then it seemed to just list this film and that film she had been in so I thought it was going to get a bit boring and repetitive but it soon picked up momentum again There s lots of amazing facts in here, it s very well written This was a wonderful read.

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    This is a great introduction to the life of Hattie Jacques a complex and at times wonderful comedienne There is a fine attention to detail in the book and it is extremely well researched We are shown a woman that was born to be in show business, but somehow content to be in the background She was a star in her own right and will forever be associated with her roles in many of the Carry On films She was a woman who adored the company of others though her family life, and her relationships in general, were complicated to say the least A very good book that I heartily recommend.

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    I remember seeing Hattie and Eric when I was a child I even remember the Hattie This is Your Life I loved Hattie and Eric and was delighted with the This is Your Life I remember also the divorce when John Le Mesurier was potrayed as the guilty party Saw the BBC production a few weeks ago and found my admiration of Hattie reduced but I resolved to read the book I enjoyed the book but importantly having read it I appreciated Hattie than ever before There was to her than Hattie and Eric she was an established comedienne and actress in her own right and those who were close to her including Le Mesurier treasured and appreciated her warmth and generosity so much that her frailties were not counted but were dismissed What a wonderful person she must have been and this book sets out the frailties as facts but it also captures and highlights all of the positives of her life and personality so that once again she is restored as one of our national heroines Loved the book and the revelation that we should all be counted by our positives and quickly forgiven our weaknesses.

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    This was truly one of the most interesting and informative reads that I have picked up in a long time Never judge a book by a cover should really be the caption for this review as page by page it bought to life a truly wonderful woman and a very interesting life.

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    an interesting and excellent read.I adored hattie Jacques and her work.I did already know a lot of the stories about her adult life, but not a lot about her childhood.I knew she was an amazingly light dancer for her size, and that she had the ability to go en Pointe and do the splits but it was nice to have some flesh on the bones of the was a good biography, which didn t resort to character assassination, a flaw in so many biographies of formerly well loved stars.

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    I ll be honest, I read this book over only a few days It is quite interesting and informative about HJ It s a bit tragic in parts as she always had an issue with her weight even though she was so much thought of and very talented I thought her affair with JS would have been covered but it just seemed to be briefly mentioned Also I didn t find the other carry on actors or the films got much of a mention, which was a shame.

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    Early in her acting career, Hattie played many varied acting roles to the acclaim of both the critics and audiences alike The book however cleary shows Hatties frustration at being typecast Her life was tinged with a great deal of sadness, yet she managed to keep smiling.