It Was Meant To Be A Two Week Holiday To Celebrate Her Sister S Birthday, But For Schapelle Corby It Ended Up A Waking Nightmare Arrested At Denpasar Airport After Marijuana Was Found In Her Luggage, She Became The Victim Of Every Traveller S Darkest Fear Over Four Kilograms Of Drugs Had Been Planted In Her Bag After She D Checked It In And She Was Forced To Face The Consequences Of Someone Else S Crime In A Country Where The Penalties For Drug Smuggling Are Among The Harshest In The WorldHer Trial And Conviction Became One Of The Biggest News Stories Of The Decade And Her Family Watched In Horror As She Was Sentenced ToYears In Jail Yet Despite The Huge Media Coverage, The One Voice The Public Never Properly Heard Was Schapelle S Now, In This Compelling Book, She Tells Her Own Story Of Being Wrenched From A Carefree Holiday And Incarcerated In A Stinking Police Cell And Of Learning To Survive In The Squalor, Discomfort And Violence Of An Indonesian Jail It Is An Account Like No Other And Will Be One Of The Most Unforgettable Books You Ll Ever Read

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    I m not massively into books My mind tends to womder and i find half way through I m usually bored and can t recall much of what has happened, then the book will remain half read and left gathering dust before being offloaded to a nearby charity shop.Not this book Kathryn Bonella worked with Schapelle Corby whilst Corby served her 20 year sentence for smuggling marijuana into Bali Schapelle, who maintains her innocence throughout, tells her story in intimate and graphic detail to Bonella through the bars of her Indonesian prison cell Bonella has done a wonderful job of capturing the heartbreaking journey of a clearly broken soul.It is impossible not to empathise enormously as you witness a young girl, full of life, love, enthusiasm and promise being beaten down, day by day fighting against an ongoing blackness that wants to envelope her, that wants to break her.Indonesia can, and often does deal with drug traffickers by death penalty Its legislators are keen to make it clear that, despite the sun drenched, laid back, party scenes of places like Bali, anyone involved with moving narcotics in or out of the country is likely to forfeit their right to life.Although Schapelle Corby was spared the firing squad, the conditions she must endure, in a shared cell, rife with disease due to conditions so unsanitary and abhorrent that I simply cannot enter into the details whilst keeping my review decent And to know that those conditions and experiences are now part of your daily life for weeks, months, years and then decades to s just impossible to comprehend.Factor into that her assertion that she is completely innocent, and you may have hit upon many people s idea of hell Myself included.Given the dark subject matter, the book does a marvelous job of keeping the story thread very much alive and not euthanized by a million dark thoughts Schapelle s inner warmth and resilience is difficult to understand at times, but it says something quite beautiful about the human spirit.Reading this book was like going on a very real, often uncomfortable journey one that will hold your attention from the first letter to the final full stop.My copy won t be visiting a charity shop any time soon

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    I think it s disgusting that no checks were done to prove her innocence Australia always say they are one of the best airports for not letting things through customs It puts you off travelling through these places I feel very sorry for her and don t know how she has survived all this time I don t know if she is out yet but I hope so.

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    It s nearly 10 years since this devastating miscarriage of justice took place.When Indonesia became the 60th member of the United Nations on 28 September 1950, one of their promises, their obligations, was to respect Human Rights Fast Forward 54 years and they sentence an innocent young woman to a virtual life sentence without a scrap of evidence, while her father is terminally ill with cancer She would never see him again This is tantamount to Cruel and unusual punishment a direct breach of United Nations Chapter 4 Human Rights legislation Indonesia signed up to this on 23 Oct 1985then quickly forgot about it.Back in 2004, as an innocent schapelle corby languished in a disease ridden prison cell, with no help from the Australian government and battling Indonesia s wild west legal system someone needed to stand up and help publish the truth Thankfully one journalist did Kathryn Bonella spent months diligently helping Schapelle tell her tragic story and document the growing mountain of evidence in her favour The result a detailed account of the truth in black and white No More Tomorrows proves that there is not a crumb of evidence to suggest any guilt whatsoever In a democratic country it would be considered an unsafe conviction So much for the United NationsNearly 10 years ago, Schapelle Corby was nursing her cancer ridden father when she took a much deserved break A testament to her character, she had decided to take on the role of carer So, this holiday was a chance to unwind, a few days in Bali, some surfing to relieve the stress of caring for her father Fate took an evil turn That very day, as Australian Federal Police records prove, corrupt baggage handlers were engaged in drug smuggling at the very airport Schapelle was unfortunate to pass through Sydney Airport Another airport Brisbane yes, she took a non direct flight..a drug smuggler would never do that had no x ray screening equipment despite the atrocities of 911 taking place 3 years earlier This is negligence on a criminal scale.Schapelle and her devoted family were unable to secure CCTV and luggage weight evidence from one of the world s leading airlines, Quantas Clearly nobody from the Chief Executive Geoff Dixon to the board of management had a daughter or an ounce of empathy Not one lone voice was prepared to speak out If this had been 911 part 2 and a pillow of anthrax or explosives had been allowed to pass through two Australian airports unnoticed, there would be the mother of all inquiries Airport operators, airline executives and baggage handlers would all be hauled in for police questioning.Here is just a brief overview of some of the evidence Absolutely no motive Why on earth would an attractive, intelligent 27 year old need a pillow sized amount of hash on a brief surfing holiday Schapelle had written her address on her bag From day 1, Corby family have constantly pleased for CCTV, fingerprint, DNA and other evidence to be provided A guilty person would not and could not do that Authorities were well aware of drug smuggling by baggage handlers, cocaine was discovered on the same day by the AFP Subsequent ongoing criminal investigations Operation Marca have proved that high level organised crime was rife at Sydney Airport The profit on selling this quantity of hash by flying it to Bali would be wiped out by the cost of the flights it would make no sense Anyone trying to sell Hash in Bali would be selling ice to Eskimos.There is far deeper and detailed evidence than just the above.Experts such as Professor Paul Wilson, the head of Criminology at Queensland s Bond University have said that Schapelle s manner in court, the sheer devastation she displays, is way beyond that of someone guilty A guilty person would be able to cope with the knowledge that they deserve some kind of punishment Their mental health would be saved in some degree because of the knowledge that at least they did something they are being accused of. But Schapelle s behaviour is way beyond someone who got caught and is acting She knows she did nothing wrong and that is why she is so distraught In the same way that a guilty criminal in court tries to mitigate the situation by trying to appear calm, wearing a suit and trying to appear softly spoken, an innocent person wrongly convicted is just devastated They can t act.This is an important book that goes way beyond just telling Schapelle s story It is the story of international diplomacy gone wrong A country, Indonesia, that has blindly been labelled as a holiday paradise where parents send their teenagers as an end of exam treat and where drugs and corruption are just bubbling under the surface.

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    Great book, it s a heartbreaking but very interesting read I bought this book as this was a very high profile case and I wanted to see if I believed her side of the story or not I have to say after reading it I do feel for Schapelle whether she is guilty or not, no one deserves the hell she s endured for a crime of this nature I am unsure as to her families innocence in all of this but to this day Schapelle is adamant that neither she or her family had anything to do with the crime I am very pleased I read this book as it has opened my eyes to travelling abroad, I was very naive beforehand and now it has made me think of the things that can go wrong while travelling abroad Apparently the Australian government are aware that there is drug smuggling going on in their airports and there are a small minority of corrupt ground crew that are in on the act, makes for scary reading A must buy book, my heart broke for this poor woman, innocent or otherwise.