Great for helping to learn BSL Again, for grandson. this is brilliant I like how all the signs are arranged in topics rather than alphabetically, therefore i can look at a topic a day rather than un related words i can ever take the pages out to help keep it in a nice condition This book is fantastic if you have a child with hearing difficulties or other needs that require the use of BSL Its very easy to understand and covers a range of useful daily routines, like bath time, and basics like colour Brought this as my youngest son is deaf and we re learning BSL, others in our sign group have now also brought it.Thoroughly recommend this book and the others in the range. found this book easy to follow would recommend it to anyone starting out learning to sign helpful The cards are very useful to remind me of signs that are not as familiar to me Signs A Pages Slide Bound A Much Needed Introduction To British Sign Language BSL Vocabulary Organised In Topics To Suit Young Children S Surroundings And Everyday Environments The Topics Include My Family, Out And About, My House, At The Nursery, Food And Drink, Bed Time, Useful Phrases And Many It Is Intended To Encourage All The Family Members, Teachers, Classmates And All Those In Contact With Children Who Sign To Get Involved, And Also To Support Carers, Child Minders And Nursery Staff In Providing Inclusion For All Children BSL Is Used In The Education Of Deaf Children And Also Forms The Basis Of Sign Systems Such As Makaton And Signalong Used In The Field Of Special Needs Learning Disability Autism The Useful Topic Per Page Format Also Provides A Ready Made Structure, Making It An Ideal Resource For Classes And Signing Clubs And An Easy Reference Guide We Hope That This Book Inspires All Those In Contact With Children Who Sign, To Learn