Less good eysight and desire To decluttering makes Kindle version a great replacement for small print book. Pure gold I can see and feel those North Devon cliffs when reading.A wonderful book to open at random and read aloud. This is a great collection, and his poems are just lovely I hadn t read many Coleridge poems before, so hesitated at getting his entire collection However, after receiving this book, I was not disappointed Delivery prompt and well packed Good clean book am very pleased with my purchase been looking for that for a long time great book Good read I chose this rating because it is my only truth The book is inspirational I m having a blast with it One Of The Major Figures Of English Romanticism, Samuel Taylor Coleridge Created Works Of Remarkable Diversity And Imaginative Genius The Period Of His Creative Friendship With William Wordsworth Inspired Some Of Coleridge S Best Known Poems, From The Nightmarish Vision Of The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner And The Opium Inspired Kubla Khan To The Sombre Passion Of Dejection An Ode And The Medieval Ballad Christabel His Meditative Conversation Poems, Such As Frost At Midnight And This Lime Tree Bower Mr Prison , Reflect On Remembrance And Solitude, While Late Works, Such As Youth And Age And Constancy To An Ideal Object , Are Haunting Meditations On Mortality And Lost Love