He S One Of America S Most Recognisable And Acclaimed Actors A Star On Broadway, An Oscar Nominee For The Aviator, And The Only Person To Ever Win Emmys For Acting, Writing, And Directing During His Eleven Years On M A S H Now Alan Alda Has Written A Memoir As Elegant, Funny, And Affecting As His Greatest Performances My Mother Didn T Try To Stab My Father Until I Was Six, Begins Alan Alda S Irresistible Story The Son Of A Popular Actor And A Loving, But Mentally Ill Mother, He Spent His Early Childhood Backstage In The Erotic And Comic World Of Burlesque And Went On After Early Struggles To Achieve Extraordinary Success In His ProfessionYet Never Have Your Dog Stuffed Is Not A Memoir Of Show Business Ups And Downs It Is A Moving And Funny Story Of A Boy Growing Into A Man Who Then Realizes He Has Only Begun To Grow It Is The Story Of Turning Points In His Life, Events That Would Make Him What He Is If Only He Could Survive ThemFrom The Moment As A Boy When His Dead Dog Is Returned From The Taxidermist S Shop With A Hideous Expression On His Face, And He Learns That Death Can T Be Undone, To The Decades Long Effort To Find Compassion For The Mother He Lived With But Never Knew, To His Acceptance Of His Father In Him, Personally And Professionally, He Learns The Hard Way That Change, Uncertainty And Transformation Are What Life Is Made Of, And The Good Life Is Made Of Welcoming Them Never Have Your Dog Stuffed, Filled With Curiosity About Nature, Good Humour And Honesty, Is The Crowning Achievement Of An Actor, Author, And Director, But Surprisingly, It Is The Story Of A Life Filled With Turbulence And Laughter Than Any He S Ever Played On The Stage Or Screen

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    He is now over 80 and has had an accomplished career as an actor He has won many Emmys but he does not mention these in his memoir His book is on his life journey There is a lot to him than his famous TV role in M.A.S.H the 1970s playing the wise cracking army surgeon, Hawkeye, during the American Korean war in the 1950s.He is a husband, father, grandfather and family man and married just the once which makes him unique in Hollywood but he has lived or based himself in the East coast of the US far from Hollywood and has maintained his integrity as a person and actor He is one of the good guys in life He recently, in 2018, set up a foundation to educate scientists in how to communicate science and their research better to the public He used to present a long running American TV series on all aspects of science in the 1980s and 1990s and always had a keen interest in the subject A man for all seasons.

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    Having watched M A S H as a family growing up I bought this as a gift for my dad, who enjoyed it and then I borrowed it Thoroughly enjoyable It is an autobiography Great to get a glimpse into Alan Alda s life, I was impressed by his humility and ability to reflect on his own attitudes Obviously it covers M A S H but despite being a significant stage in his career this doesn t dominate the book The gentle way that he talks about other people in his life is really refreshing Not sure it was what I expected, but really enjoyed it.

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    This book is one of the best reads out there It s full of character, warm and you hear Alan s voice in your head as you read He skips on the glamorous luvvie lifestyle, in favour of family, real acting, writing, directing and feminism His passion for these aspects of his life are really what s at the heart of this book The book is witty, warm and hard to put down.

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    Well written and never boring journey through the world of acting From a humble and somewhat unusual upbringing as a child in a travelling Burlesque troupe, a mother with mental health issues that were poorly understood or spoken about at the time, through to a struggling actor trying to keep body, soul and family together before career success, are dealt with in a humorous, self depreciating, thought provoking fashion.

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    If youre looking for the standard show biz autobiography youll be disappointed If youre looking for the life journey of a curious mind who settled for acting, youre in for a treat This is a what I learned and how I learned it full of gems worth the price simply for his definition of listening only if youre prepared to change as a result of what youve heard can you call it listening he puts it better and theres , much .Being UK based, I didnt know that hed presented a show based on interviews etc with scientists, but it all made sense who else could play Richard Feynman This book is far profound than those written by people who hail from serious professions reflective, searching, pattern seeking, independent, honourable of course Id love the blow by blow account of what it was like to create MASH, and maybe well get that some time, but this is a treat of a different and remarkably nourishing order.

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    I ve always had a soft spot for Mr Alda, ever since his days as Hawkeye on MASH It was good to read his book and find out how hard he s worked following his dream How he made several really bad decisions regarding his work but learnt from them all You see his humour and softness come through the page There are no sex scenes or tales of women left helpless in his wake Instead we have an ordinary family man doing his best to care for them and follow a hard and demanding career.This is not a laugh every page book, as described by one reviewer on the back, but a very thoughtful and gentle look at his life He never talks ill of his fellow actors He shows us the bad side of his upbringing and his relationships with his parents.He also passes on good advice on acting and life Indeed Never Have Your Dog Stuffed are truly words to live by for all.

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    A great read Alan Alda comes across as a lovely man, as well as a very interesting and highly intelligent one He clearly deserves his success, but equally clearly it wasn t handed to him on a plate there was a lot of hard work and real struggle involved, but all recounted with a wonderfully wry sense of humour I m NOT morphing into a deluded stalker, but nonetheless I do feel that I know him now

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    Alan Alda s autobiography is a fascinating read He writes with humour, honesty and compassion about his unusual childhood and especially about his relationship with his mother and her undiagnosed mental illness and how it affected him as he grew up What stays with you is his lifelong desire to understand and grow as a human being and also his great capacity to laugh and see the positive side of everything Hard to put down once you start reading.